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September 19th, 2017
hahaha I'm laughing so hard I'm squeaking lol
Hahaha, momma knows what's up!
5 Stars!!! :)
Love the style!!

(The rating thing seems to not be working right... every time I try to click 5 stars, it wants to confirm one star.)
Love it!

I got so caught up in it that I forgot to keep rating pages. 5 all the way!! :)

YAY! I so need more of this.
Ahhhh!! He needs loooove. He looks SO sad!!
Its even better in color!! <3 <3
Two things...
First... LOVE this comic... omg.

Second... I can't see where I go on here to rate it!

(This is also my first time commenting on a comic...ever. Tee hee)