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A college graduate who loves anime, cartoons, comics, casual games, and anything that's cute!
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    Shannon Lewis
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@JollySyko: At one point in a magical journey, you just accept anything can happen.
@JollySyko: Yep, annoying mysterious guys always do.
@JollySyko: May: But it's free!
@JollySyko: Thanks. I'm actually really proud of my fairy designs.
@JollySyko: Blazewind is cute :)
New buttons available in the Zazzle Zack Dragonblade store!

Attention, Imagixians!

I've made some Bo the Fox buttons on Zazzle! New characters will be added later, so stay tuned!
I hope I fixes the error from last page that made it not show up...
Good news, everyone!

Zack Dragonblade Vol. 1 is now available on Amazon, in black-and-white or in color! ds=zack+dragonblade

Also, I will be at Otakon this year with my own Zack Dragonblade booth. Zack's moving up! :)
Merry Christmas!
I've heard of that before. It wasn't intentional, but thank you! :D
Spoopy scary ghosty-guys...
Like a floating Slender-smiley man...
But of course! It's capitalized!
Trying Way-Way-Too Hard...

By the way, I forgot to thank you for commenting on my pages. Thank you! It means a lot :)
So long, farewell! And Inadequacy will forget to write.
Super-duper important.