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Hi, I'm Mox, just some nerd that likes things associated to the sky a bit too much.
I like birds.
Find me on Deviantart (Pyrrhociconia) and Tumblr (mox-doodles) !
Hey, I did read a spoiler about Simon realising that and ? Heart broken. I'd hug the poor guy.
EDIT: I keep on anticipating to be the first to comment on the page, and istg one day I'll have a heart attack because my fave showed up.
I love Rig's expressions here !
Avikar be like "no homo".
Ooo ! I really like the subtle light outline (especially in panel 3) !
You should try and experience with shadows, I'm sure you could do it !
May 18th, 2018
Ah, we're still early in the story, so I'll give you a hint: Look up alchemy animals.
I'll (try to) give less and less hints as the story goes on tho, part of the fun is figuring it out yourself ^^;
PS: I'm not a reliable source of information yet, sorry, gotta redo chapter covers (this one might be slightly altered)...
oh m y g o d
May 13th, 2018
pls i love them so much, such good content
5-6th panel is people when I open up to them.
Also I almost died running upstairs when I saw the time lmaooo
Hey, do you mind if I draw your doe ? I'm busy rn but if I ever get free time to wind down, could I draw fanart ?
May 9th, 2018
Thank you for the questions !
I didn't really expect a lot of people since it is the first one aha.
I'm wondering if I should make a Q&A every end of chapter or if I should do it every 2 chapters, alternating with special content (either sketched filler to develop the characters or short side stories). Feel free to tell me your thoughts, be it preferences or ideas !
I absolutely love how you drew the first panel ! Would do a really great poster if you ever sell merch !
Levi is how I make friends lol.
And woww I love your artstyle ! I'm not usually into slice of life comics but ??? This reminds me of my summer camp in 2014 so much ! I was a bit like the lil redhead at the first few days aha.
Oh. maybe it's just me that is more at ease on traditional aha. I should invest in a scanner.
If you hit it with a bible, it would have been more effective imo.
May 4th, 2018
THANK YOU ! I've been thinking about making a character page ! The thing is, I drew two including one incomplete one, and I am NEVER satisfied with how they turn out. I'll try to make one once I figure the design ! Had several more-or-less original ideas.
Do you do your comics entirely on digital or so you sketch/ink on paper ? Cause I am looking back and forth between my stuff (don't look) and yours, and your lines seem so much softer :O
Yoooo allright ! Thank you !
Where should we ask questions ?
the epitome of my terrible, terrible humor