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Hi, I'm Mox, just some nerd that likes things associated to the sky a bit too much.
I like birds.
Find me on Deviantart (Pyrrhociconia) and Tumblr (mox-doodles) !
She got the same birthday as my sibling...
those wings are the reason im back again again and again, i love how you draw them !
I love that jellyfish !!!
This is the end ? Goodbye, and good luck on your future comics or art !
That was a super entertaining story !
I'd compliment the queen !
please don't say it like that 😭
@arswiss: OMG !!! DAY MADE !!!
I hope we get to see Mike !
EDIT: wait... second panel... is this who i think it is
March 16th, 2019
i want... to touch the hair...
March 13th, 2019
Godwit is Discontinued
I thought about this for a few months, asked around for advice and I have come to the conclusion that Godwit has to be discontinued. Why ? Well, first off I don't want to dissapoint readers and pretend I will update someday. I've grown to cringe at the plot and my nonexistent organisation of the comic. I started Godwit on a whim, inspired by philosophical, analitic and more abstract texts, making it more like a hot take. The symbolism I wanted to add was all over the place, adding alchemical, celtic, jewish and so on in a mediocre pot-pourri, and I didn't look into my subjects in depth. Looking at the end chapter, they make me sound super preachy. Ugh. These factors made that project look amateurish at best and downright offensive at most, not even mentionning the page layout and all.
I wanted to make 7 chapters, 50 pages each, with a Q&A at the end of odd chapters and 5 bonus pages at the end of even chapters, totalling at 365 pages without counting Q&As. This would have been great if I made more than just a plotline, however this was all terribly planned.
As usual, I bit far too much than I could chew.
Will I redo Godwit in the future ? Probably not. I've grown too distant to the plot to really feel it anymore.
An illustrated philosophical thought ? Why not, but on something that I fully grasp.
Another webcomic ? Yes, but not something as long as Godwit.

I am genuinely sorry that it has come to this, and I have only my own inexperience to blame on that. Please do leave a comment if you got any questions, be it about what I planned for the future chapters before discontinuing, or about my projects. Reflecting on that, it was an exciting journey exploring a medium I never had the courage to before, and I think I will try again, this time on shorter stories.
I'd like to thank Arswiss (author of Age of the Gray, please check it out it's one of my favorite comics) here for being supportive all the way and inspiring me to take the first step, and everyone that read, commented or faved this comic, each time I had notifications I was (and am still) very happy. Thank you.
this is the reason i love birds
February 16th, 2019
February 15th, 2019
Gosh I love her. Also electron and positron are like my anxiety and me lmao
(also psst there's a typo on positron in the first panel)
Sike, a new specie of bird !
I love Sakhalin so much...
Aw he's cute ! I'd buy him lunch.