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@Lheticus: I would just like to add that in particular, our boy Hobo apparently has MOUNTAINS named after him? Or has a namesake thereof with mountains named after them.
Is it just me, or knowing even what little we know now, do the places with names written in blue seem RIDONKULOUSLY plot important?
Are...we supposed to know what Red's problem is because I really don't remember at all?
@Doomcard10: Personally, I suspect it's a double or possibly triple entendre. One meaning is as you say, another is the locks that exist in people's heads preventing them from being who they want to be, or doing what they want, etc. Triple if the literal meaning is somehow added later, which I think may happen.
Okay. Um, are beach episodes SUPPOSED to be feels rollercoasters? Because I've lost count of how many times we've gone from light-hearted to serious and back again by now.
Dangit prince! If it wasn't for your both literal and figurative big head taking up half of the entire page you could have not cliffhanged us!
Three cheers for the return of Wallis' ridiculous angry faces!
@Eyyy: At this point, I'm not even sure about the "secretly" part of that.
WOW. Just wow. TALK about "mood whiplash!" XD
Lol, cloud beard.
"What a peaceful start." Well, surely it IS the calm before.
Come on, I know y'all are thinking it, I'm just saying it:
HOW?! How can this plot thicken so much further?! IT'S ALREADY AT THE CONSISTENCY OF MOLASSES!
I gotta say, I kinda dig Hobo's evolved form in the top panel.
@That Blobfish Girl: He can wash it. He'll probably wash it a LOT, yeah. XD
As always, the facial expressions are the best part. not get the feeling that this is gonna end well. I mean, I know if it was me I'd be all like. "Oh. Oh, so NOW that I've revealed that I've had all this stress my whole life from being scared of my own powers, now you FORGIVE me or something for having it EASY."

It's a lesson I think more people need to learn--NO ONE has it easy. "Easy" is a myth.
Her face in the last panel NEEDS to be memed.