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@Diony02: You're right. EVERY SINGLE ONE of the Gloomverse cast is a cinnamon roll to varying degrees. Except for Cake Girl. But she's gone now. How DID she do that?
Ohhhh man. I just KNOW the feels are gonna get even worse for here, and I'm already at my limit! >_<
Wallis.exe has stopped working...
@Diony02: That is the worst pun ever made in the history of this comic AND I FREAKING LOVE YOU FOR IT.
@Idk: Literally!
Okay, let's dissect this a bit. I saw people were getting on Wallis' case a little bit in the last one, but from this page it seems like it's more because Wallis sees himself as such an easily hateable person that it couldn't even have occurred to him that he wasn't the problem.
And Wallis finally says what we've all been thinking.
@mystic-malevolence: I'm STILL all like "how can they not have brought up Harold's arms yet?"
Hmm...methinks da purpel boi knows something.
Good. Now let the plot stand 3-5 thicken. (ba dum tiss)
And so, after cliffhanging the crap out of us, this little Loverofpiggies went TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOOOOOL all the way home! X_X
Does Purple know something about those ruins that we don't...? Does ASSISTANT know something about them that we don't?! O_O_O
HOOOOOOO boy here it comes. Brace for feels impact!
"If you're that sorry, ask me what my name is and then CALL ME BY IT."