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stop fucking getting drunk and help me defeat the ender dragon
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Then Jerry kills all of them the end
Wow Paria way to make Trix feel like shit right before a mission you DUMB BITCH
That cucumber line is too important to ignore.
Anything Sike makes is fucking magical, I swear.

Good shit as always.
Okay but does Chaos even eat food? I mean... he's made of water...
Hot shit guud ass update my NEEGUS
Mym: dude ur embarrassing me in front of the criminal
Hey why does Cinnamon's feet go out of the panel?
Imagine being beaten by a white southerner. :^)
Oh damn I really fuck with this comic. Looks like you're going for new angles and such.
And then his motivations died and so do my hopes and dreams the end
w0w smiff this is made well hella job is good
What kind of fuckshit do they do behind the curtains where she needs to give him BLOOD?
Perfectly normal man doing perfectly normal job findings.
@Charley The Fox: Is that John Charley The Fox?
Paria more like john ded
"Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior John EU?"
sent from my john Lugia