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i JuSt LoVe FuCkInG sHiTtInG
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@Redluffy: 100 says he doesn't even remember having sex with their mother (mothers?).
If anything, he's doing them a favor.
Oh BOY, do we actually get to see them commit genocide?
Fucking Lucy ruining everything, stupid CRIPPLE. >C
So one thing I just noticed is that your pages overlap the previous page like it's an actual fucking comic holy shit this is too high tech
Can Trix stfu like seriously bitch stop craving over Smiffy's DEAD body kek
when ur tired of waiting for authors to put in effort for the comic

Smiffy: "Fine...

I'll do it myself."
You are literally a god beyond comic making and I really appreciate you. <3
Damn. This really made me feel some type of way.
The jpeg is becoming so strong the comics don't even know what color they want to be anymore.
August 17th, 2019
Nah man you can't just leave us hanging when this shit is getting intense COME BACK PLEASE
and it was extremely painful for lucy
good plan go attack the authorities :^)
there is no way this will end bad
You are literally a god among sprite comics and i miss u <333
>Best Moses in the multiverse

Is that even something to brag about?
Then Jerry kills all of them the end
Wow Paria way to make Trix feel like shit right before a mission you DUMB BITCH
That cucumber line is too important to ignore.