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probably actually alive
gosshhhh loving how the events and story are turning out, looking forward to how it all keeps developing
yooooooooo such awesome imageryyy
oh nooooo alexxxxx
January 14th, 2019
yesss, great prologue, looking forward to more
January 14th, 2019
oooh dragons! i'm already invested! but wow the dragons are so cute, the symbols are so gorgeous and neat, and the humanoid counterparts look awesome
i really adore how you shade hair, it really shines on Bailey(?)'s hair ! Plus her eyelashes are just A+
@Lady Lu-san: Yeah, I feel pacing changes, done well of course, add a lot of depth and a sense of renewal to something. I like when stories let us see a lot of different sides of a character, and different sides of life.
Awwww. What an ending, my heart. The dramatic reveal of magic and curse during the colored sections, and then the heartbreaking end with all her tears was so impactful. But all the slice-of-life feeling sections trying to make the wolf human were so cute and funny. Each one was cuter than the last, and it was just my whole jam. I really enjoyed it all, thanks for making and posting. Oh, also the design of the website really adds to the comic as well.
@Lady Lu-san: The color choices are really pleasing but still energized. I love the pink on the nose and eyes and the bright shinies and how the green of her eyes pops out. Her expressions are also very cute and distinct, and the flow of the page and ominous wolf works really well.
@Lady Lu-san: Thank you! I just made this with and for my friend, so I didn't know anyone was going to read it. So hearing this from you means a ton!! Thank you for reading and for taking the time to reach out and comment <333
April 20th, 2018
Just caught up on this comic, and I have to say it's incredible. It's so heartwrenching and heartwarming, and so easy to get completely immersed in. I'm just filled with awe by every panel, and I'm looking forward to where you go with the story so much.