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ooooooooo who is dat??? he looks strong
rip rest in pepperoni
image wont work
it is only a dream right??? I hope XD
@koufuu: no problem I enjoy reading comics so much I have read about 10 to 20 fan warrior comic or more and most of them are still updating and are not finished and thank you for telling me why I understand now why you did it and I think it was a nice idea to make it black and white just to follow the manga of warrior cats plus it is easier because you don't have the coloring step in the comic making XD
Why Black and White
Why are you doing this comic in black in white I don't mind it all that much but it will be easier to see what each character is if you had it in color. Ik that it will be a tad bit harder and longer to do but if at all possible add some color or at least make it easier to make out what characters are which. It is all right if you don't do it. It will just make it easier to make out what is what and a lot of people will agree with me on this. Also just so you know I am not writing this because I don't like the comic or that your art is bad I love the comic and your art is really good. It is just that at some parts when they are not saying characters names I find it a bit hard to make out what characters are what. Thank you very much for a great comic.
Famous Last Words
famous last words telling someone else to live rip him
@Holy_Giratina: thanks for translating that for me XD
wait for it................................................................................. ................................................................. 1 hit ko
love the unown writing XD
I see my counselor at my school has about 2-3 cups of coffee a day but you must need a lot of coffee if you need to ask other people XD I would if I was an adult with my own credit card and stuff like that sadly I don't though 10 out of 5 stars btw awesome work I also love spyro so much I wish they would of continued making the game and I hope they bring it back I grew up playing it. I also love how you make the comic about what happened after spyro and cynder beat malefor just an awesome story btw can't wait till next comic page comes out. Also I am just wondering if you are going to plan to make an sequel to this comic after you finish it???
lol dat face though
@Flamel: Idc how long it takes it looks good so far and besides I know how long making art like this takes XD and dont even get me started on animations XD

I also played ever Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game out there at least 1 to each series like I have played PMD red rescue team but not PMD blue rescue team
the sky fell

again with the unown XD

I also think I know what you are talking about with the rayquaza and the meteor
we all have heard the stories of when...

what does it mean??? XD
What is a reboot is it like where you stop uploading pages and make them without uploading and then upload them 1 at a time so if gives you some time you can fall back on if it is taking you a while to make the next page???