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who's that pokemon

It's eevee
that is how I feel when I am playing games and someone speaks a different language on an English server lol XD
when do you think the next chapter will be ready I can't wait for it to be out
is the next page or chapter going to be in color??? just wondering
@Pure Light Comics: yea them are good I still hope that more than a few million people buy it because if it sells a lot chances are they will make another game and at the end of the final spyro game it shows cynder and spyro fly off together so I am thinking they should make the next games be placed in the eyes of the kids XD
Have you heard???
I assume you have heard the news but just encase you haven't

I hope this is a big hit so they will make more
omg that must of took ages to draw how do you do it XD
watch them wash right back up where they started from XD
now things are going to get interesting with battles and stuff right???
I am going to take a long shot but I am guessing that it is a micro portable shield that you click a button and it pops up

I know I am most likely wrong but worth a shot XD

here is what I actually think it is a team badge or an artifact that his parents gave him before they left and never returned

or maybe a tracking device or a bomb
November 22nd, 2017
the intro to the comic reminds me of the anime bleach XD
instead of saying wake up are you ok the only logical way he could come up with was to tingle her nose with electricity and then yell at her like wtf XD
Espurr's scary XD
i don't know why but this reminds me of naruto's and sasuke's relationship
@Charmandrigo: may be it is a ditto transforming into a mew ever thought of that???
ooooooooo who is dat??? he looks strong
rip rest in pepperoni
image wont work
it is only a dream right??? I hope XD
@koufuu: no problem I enjoy reading comics so much I have read about 10 to 20 fan warrior comic or more and most of them are still updating and are not finished and thank you for telling me why I understand now why you did it and I think it was a nice idea to make it black and white just to follow the manga of warrior cats plus it is easier because you don't have the coloring step in the comic making XD