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I’m think it’s Wallis....
Heeeyyy, we’re using the same screenshot for profile pics! 😃
Maybe the reincarnations of the mancers also become an embodiment of said mancer, powers included?
ERMERGERD that’s some BEAUTIFUL chapter cover art!!! Amazing art, Zephyrinx!
Theory: The people with colours turned that colour with the appearance of their magic. Perhaps, the colour has something to do with who they are, like magic does. Maybe something that was indigo had something important to do with Indigo that was so important that he became one of the colour people. Just Googled it, ‘indigo’ can mean “Indigo is the color of the deep midnight sky. It can have a negative effect when used during a depressed state, because it will deepen the mood. Indigo symbolizes a mystical borderland of wisdom, self-mastery and spiritual realization.” (from Can also mean “The color of intuition, perception and the higher mind. ... It relies on intuition rather than gut feeling” (from Those sound like they could fit Indigo as a character. I’m over-analyzing again, aren’t I?
@Dizzy_Lizzy Are you by any chance Dizzy Ms Lizzy, a moderator of the DAGames livestreams? Yeah, sorry, just similar screen name :S

Maybe, colour people's magic is weaker than normal/traits of their people are different/weaker because of something to do with them being a colour person? I dunno, just an idea
That's our clouuuudy booooiiii
I found another one of my people!! :D XD
Poor Indigo baby! I wonder if whoever runs Stratoverse (I forget who) makes the non-royal Stratoversians give them their magic/forces them to do whatever with it? I dunno, just back away slowly and ignore the ramblings of a crazy Indigo fangirl
One of my friends and I have been coming up with a theory. We haven't read other theories yet, so there probably is overlap with others. Maybe each of the colour people are from each place in the GV world? Here's what we got so far:

Red: Unknown
Orange: Inversian
Yellow: Unknown, unseen (perhaps is the servered corpse from the start of he chapter)
Green: Ecoversian
Blue: Unknown
Indigo: Stratoversian
Purple: Steamversian.

Now, we don't know who the Gloomversian and Wintraversian colour people are, and there still needs to be another place for the seventh colour person for the theory to work. While looking at an official map, we noticed that the entire right side of the map is covered in clouds and that there's a place called "The land of awareness". So, for the theory to work, there is either a country beyond the clouds on the map, or "The land of awareness" is it's own country.

Also, we think that Madame President wants to find all of the colour people to use against the Inversians.

We are really overthinking this 😂
Just changed my profile pic to Cloudy Boi Indigo. I'm not sorry 😜
Aaaawwwww that's soooo sweeeet!!!! ?
The feels!! ?