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Hello! I'm a ferret that likes drawing a bunch, animating, and drawing comics in my free time :3
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@European: 49F is like if you were 49% warm but only 49% warm
Back on track!
Back in business! Obscured Descent will continue its bi-weekly upload schedule until further notice :3

Extra thanks to for helping with coloring!
***Many thanks to Darkspines-00 for doing the flat coloring and helping me get this page out on time for once owo
Check his stuff out here! ***
@eevee_op: Whoops! It took me so long to realize that! Sorry ^^; Its fixed now
I was a bit late on finishing this one sooo i uploaded this on Sunday .w.;;
@Triforce Fandom

Eventually she will!
And thus, the edgelord sprite disappears into the sun. Now, we go to the sprite archives .o.