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@LostĀ£evee: glad I'm not the only one.
Knew it... Been known it... Now everyone else knows it too...

Yay for my detective skillz!
@ScienceGamer01: sure thing, mate.
@ScienceGamer01: Brail is a form of written language for blind people consisting of raised bumps on paper often in two vertical columns of three per letter(I only know the english varient though - might be different for other langiages).
@ScienceGamer01: quite possibly... Still haven't been able to stop talking like a Brit though. It's getting annoying.
I think Eve has a crush on Pulse...
Whenever person A asks person B "what's wrong" and person B responds with "Nothing" while glaring at Person C... Person C should just get the hell out of dodge.
Tea anyone? I feel all British now... Must be hanging around my grandma too much.
Well I guess you know where their loyalties lie now... Traitors... Well I'm still here along with a few others. So things aren't so bad(could ALWAYS be worse).
@ShrubSparrow: Hey! I live in Charlotte, North Carolina! If you stop by lemme know if you need a tour guide.
@Pichu90: Unknown is basically written english just made to look very fancy... Also, a fun fact: the language that the Regis use is a form of brail(written language for blind people).
@Pichu90: yes. I can. Though it is definitely harder than english, I can read it rather easily.
*Que sweatdrop*
Red never changes...

went a little overboard. still though...


(and PLEASE don't use Miley Cyrus' song as a pun)
@evil-Umbreon: glad you're interested in this again... also i find that the comics one does for oneself often turn out better because of it. so cant wait for more.
@ShadowStalker1128: Tess should call that attack Evil Eye!
@ultrawandit: oh... Ok then. Thanks.
@Silvertheumbreon: umm... Illusion isn't the same as invisible... Is it?
What... Where'd this guy come from?
Am I the only one who can't figure out why a Zoroark appeared out of no where?