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@ShadowStalker1128: Tess should call that attack Evil Eye!
@ultrawandit: oh... Ok then. Thanks.
@Silvertheumbreon: umm... Illusion isn't the same as invisible... Is it?
What... Where'd this guy come from?
Am I the only one who can't figure out why a Zoroark appeared out of no where?
@JetDaGoat: Steriotypes are often just that... Well, they're rude too... And mean... And often false... OH YOU GET THE PAOINT!
He says that so casually like "Hey Tells long time no see. How are you? Come on and join us for dinner. Oh and while you're at it would you mind not drowning my brother?"
@arnisd: that's a lot of conveniences in one scentance there... Convenient right?
So he just forgot about evolution... I mean it's not like he's in a dark cave and there definitely is no bright light during evolution... Is he really that dense?


I'm going this way...

aww victini just wants to be loved...

I think Jen is just gonna hug you and say something heart-warming or sappy (depending on your POV). Then you'll likely hug her back and start crying. Then Jen will put the sphere thingie that I forgot the name of where it's supposed to go... Then you will try to be a better 'mon - though Lupony and Mewtwo will likely give you a lecture-type punishment as well.
hey they both look really good... my art is such crap my friends once showed me how to flush it... so in other words: love it - inconsistant is better than anything I could do - and keep going.
Is it possible to un-snap a pokemon after they become snapped?

also... the second i read where you mentioned rocks here my music changed to a rock song. weird right? or is the universe trying to tell me something?
April 16th, 2018
@Trinox: how are we even coming up with this shit?

If anyone cracks that coming up joke I will reach through this screen and strangle you...
also cheat as much as you want since it's your game and your comic. though a joke or pun never hurts(hopefully).
why is Bandit Kieth from Yu-Gi-Oh in this comic?
how do you kill someone who has been murdered? they are already dead... and if you can bring them back I don't think killing them again would be productive.
I KNEW THEY WERE RELATED!!! just too many similarities - though I was beginning to think clones or something since they never mentioned it.
Give them hell she says. Fine but I'd rather bring HELL to THEM...

Torture is such fun when you do it right! Well, not for the subject but you get the idea, right?

yes my mind is a dark place... but it's not all bad. I have plenty of voices to keep me company.