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I can't really tell the difference between the two... probably just my browser though(needs updating). doing good so far, keep it up1
High School
@ShadowStalker1128: so as someone who graduated early I would suggest taking some credited summer classes as well as regular to graduate school a year early (a year is the max min is a couple of months). as for updates... we will wait for you. But as the wiggleytuff guild says: "Don't shirk work."
I vote Glaceon or Sylveon due to the fact that they are the least used and we need more variety.
I would NOT want to fight THAT!
Faust the Dragonite is kinda scary in the last frame. kinda like a mad scientist!!!
@arnisd: yea I know... it be nice to have the full story for once though - personally I'd be OK with shortened to the key points. Still just a thought.

Plus, I'm pretty sure that I just said what everyone was thinking. Didn't really expect a reply. But thanks for the info - it's hard to start conversations in this type of environment.
I have a feeling that when Arodactyl gets to hear the story... well it will definately be something!

can't wait to hear it.
major headache
that's gotta hurt! and people wonder why you lose memories after becoming a Pokemon... you hit your head on the light, duh!
so far so good
1- nice shading
2- interesting twist on the last frame
3- loving it
that's gotta hurt! Serves her right though.
@Bwsrfn11: fair enough... would be funny if Del pointed it out though.
Avis does realize that when she described the attackers she was basically describing herself as well I hope.
the eyes in the background... spooky. bad guy maybe? or a mysterious benefactor always there but never seen until later?
still cool though
To be honest the font size is great! draws the attention to what the characters are saying while still allowing focus on the art itself.
Max is probably going to beat up that cubone if it keeps calling his - or is max a her(hasn't been made clear to me yet) - qurestions irrelevant.
Can anyone say time-bomb? Had to happen eventually, am I right?
Self Keeping
it's a good thing because we are paying more attention to the comic and not finding any 'problems' with it... you're just too good.