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October 10th, 2017
@JLovelace: either one though, as a DJ, I hope I could do the music.
October 9th, 2017
HOLY FUCKING SHIT MAN!!! This is AWESOME! Just this far in and already anticipating the next post... Let me know if you want to make this a movie cause I'd be first in line!
This is gonna be Perfection Marvelously Displayed... 😉
Hellz Yes
@BestBuilder101: I have the same question as you BESTBUILKDER101...

i hope that if submitted that it would be considered.
confused again...
@Vanilla_Bean: am I just bad at puns or is there a PMD comic/game that i seriously need to read/play to understand all these jokes?!
#hoplessly addicted
need *gap* more *wheeze* pages
Decidueye - Good with a warped sense of justice or Bad to the bone?
bird-boy looks either bored that his 'prey' is not putting up a good fight, disgusted that he's pulverizing a helpless mon, or irritated that he has to do this in the first place.

And not to influence the story but, I honestly would prefer if he was doing this against his will(with family hostage or something)
ok then...
have the feeling if HB doesn't hit on girls when unconscious I he gets HIT on right back

this is just going by what I've read so far so I could be wrong though.
@LemPem: insurance companies in general are unreliable(my dad works at the HQ of a big one - not going to say which due to confidentiality though).
@LittleMoons: oh... wow... how did I not get that?
@LittleMoons: you do realize that pretty soon it will be the Gyarados dishing out the punishment right?
I grew up in the US Cornbelt where corny jokes are a thing and I just have to say...

Nice! ;)
Could the dark tentacles be some form of the move Shadow Sneak? Maybe merged with another move?
Now THATS what I call holy water!
I don't know what those are!

seriously though...
I don't choose sides. If you make it worth my while I could make an exception here and there but I still have my limits on what I'll do(not heartless just detached).

it's so good.
@Skyrocker4cats: anyone who says otherwise is just a hypocrite.
School is supposedly important so just hang in there ... though I do have to agree with Jollysyko... it is VERY rare to find a PMD comic with cussing... I like it though keep it up!