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@SentryBeat: is it ever any different?
nice chapter end... NOW GIMME MORE!!!
@LKWayvern: I take what I can get when it comes to advice... so thanks I'll try that and let you know how it works out.
@ShrubSparrow: I was making a biblical reference to the resurrection of Jesus.
@Experiment04LLZ: most likely a slash in panel one too
@ShadowHoundour: I would like to make it into a comic but at the moment I don't have an artist and I myself cant draw so... yea. hopefully I can get someone to help out sonner or later.
Thanks for this critique... It's much appreciated. And your storyline thus far is just fine (I simply have more space for words and stuff since no pictures). I get the same way with my words sometimes so don't worry about that.
@ultrawandit: sure. anytime... btw I'm starting a Pokemon-type 'comic' myself and would love to know what you think as a fellow artist.. though I can't draw worth a shit when it comes to replicating images so it will be more like a bit-by-bit novel.
lemme know what you think
and be honest...
Please Read!!!
Just FYI until I can get someone to colaberate with me and actually draw these things this will be text only... sorry for that.
@Silver the Eevee: oh... that makes sense.
@ultrawandit: No worries... You're doing great! Looks kinda like one of those paintings where the artist is purposefully messy but makes it work. It reminds me of a famous work... I can see it in my head but name and artist escape me.
anyone else having Sunday School flashbacks?
ooh... I love the artwork! keep it up!
@Exodus: Can you repeat this in English please?
oooh i smell romance in the air!
HAH! I CALLED IT!!! I just *KNEW* they would fight it out!
aww... now I cant get sell him off as a rare chrystal... this sucks!

still nice work ;)
@Roccy: Or they could just challenge him... kinkalike a test of sorts.
Remind me NEVER to piss off that guy...