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my art in comparison to yours would be like comparing a preschooler's scribble-drawing(me) to a painting by Picasso(you).

I can't draw worth a shit but I have a Imagination that Einstein would envy and writing skills that would make Shakespeare weep tears of jealousy... talk about irony! I mean I would give half my IQ to be able to draw half as good.
Now that I know there are hints to current and future parts of the story, I am gonna have lots of fun with this! Never could resist a good mystery/puzzle/riddle (though I am defiantly partial to wordplay as a writer).
@arnisd: Can't wait! BTW if you're not going for balanced, then I'm guessing the team is gonna be one of those God Mod ones?
Senoy, Sansenoy, and Samengalof look kinda creepy... I have this feeling their death glare is literal.
Celebrate by adding a Dark-Type Pokemon to the team(preferably one that is a bit prickly but cares for friends)? I suggest dark type since they are basically the opposite of psychic types and it would even out the typing of the team a bit.
@ultrawandit: Take your time. Rest and don't worry about this comic for a while, worry instead about getting better. We can wait.
@Woo: i agree with THEMEWGON40 love the art!
wish i had that much talent...
Well at least he got the *boom* right... i think?

he was actually TRYING to use explosion right? it wasn't an accident?
@AgentNein: sorry to hear about that man... but hey good art is worth the wait and you DEFINATLY do good art. ;>
February 16th, 2018
@M.W: In the anime, other moves can have similar affects to psychic. so maybe it's one of those and the perspective of the person/Pokémon we are experiencing doesn't know this at the time.
@ultrawandit: true... but sometimes people say things without thinking(automatic responses).
February 16th, 2018
that is OP! he's a effing cheater!
Excuse: it was an automatic response.

defensive mechanisms are SUBconscious so not necessarily affected by memory loss.
here comes Drexel's waterworks and bone-crushing slime-hug.
@arnisd: I got the jist of it (personally I think the snapped act more like a Primal/Instinct-Driven form). And I just realized this but Ral and Grey technically have completly different fighting styles too(based of their species). Ral is more of a physical attacker, while Grey is more of a projectile/energy type-fighter.
@Kiel124a: or maybe due to his psychic typing he is distracted by the psychic feedback of all the minds in the area? unless the Snapped Pokémon don't have minds anymore... do they?
@Kiel124a: That's basically what I was trying to say. Thanks.
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: Where were you earlier? The above conversation would have been a lot easier with another genius in it.
@Dadaph: at least then she wont be such a hot head. >P
embala is about to turn ice man into puddle guy.
@WiispNightmare: there are MANY ways to become unpathetic the hard part is finding what way works for you specifically.