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I'm currently a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology, majoring in Film and Animation. I'm currently writing and illustrating the web comic "Talismans" which can be found here on Smackjeeves and also on the website Tapas.
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    Ryan Keefe
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Oh boy... I see those tears. Well, I wanted insight into their society/culture and I got what I asked for- and it's really heartbreaking.
To be honest the plot thread that's interesting me the most right now is why the Old Thean language seems to be taboo. Is it just a personal thing for Eko's grandmother, or has the language become unacceptable to use in society as a whole. Did the opposite side in this war speak Old Thean? I'm getting really curious.
Thoroughly Impressed
I just rammed through your entire comic in about 3 days. I remember I'd read the first couple chapters a few years ago and I was surprised at how dark you were taking it. Now, reading what you have created up until this point I'm finding myself just so absorbed in the world you've created.

This could have easily just been some run of the mill story about a trainer who goes to 8 gyms and maybe loses a few Pokemon along the way because of this story being a Nuzlocke, but I love how your story has taken the events in the game and reworked them into a much darker story line altogether. It really gives a weight to the plot and makes the story of the Kanto games really fresh again. I also think the idea of all the Pokemon being able to talk is cool. It's so much more refreshing than just having one special Jesus-allegory psychic type get the ability to speak because plot-demands.

Finally, I'm also greatly impressed that you've continued to use traditional watercolor paint over the years. I can't even imagine the investment that must be, but it's lead to some beautiful art being created in the process.

I love you comic and I can't wait for more to be released. I wonder how the Kanto regions Elite 4 will play a role in this story.
A comic with a style and tone all its own
I just ran through the first 47 pages (all that's been posted as of June 13) and I really love the aesthetic and tone you have going on with the pixel art vibe that emphasizes colors you'd see on a medieval scroll. I feel like I'm watching the cut-scenes of an old SNES era game and also being told an ancient fable of some bygone civilization at the same time. I'm really interested in seeing where you take this story.

On a side note, old bird lady seem to be summoning the dead and I am both skeptical and nervous about the events that may proceed thereof.