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To share, to teach, to laugh, to learn.
It's all moments.

I'm setting up this secondary site so we don't miss out on the bits in between during a larger story :)
listening to someone really is a truly important gift :)
Sunday's comic is up!
Ralph, Pup and Kit at the buffet.
so taaaaaasty!
For those wondering, Pup has a painful time digesting milk products.

It happens.
And rather than deal with the pain, she avoids it like a sensible person.

Kit on the other hand, has no problem with milk products, so bring on the saag.

We're all built differently :)
Oh Ralph....

(can't say I blame him though...soooooooo good!)
I may still revisit Kitteh in the Nip business, but for now...these 2 pages stand alone :)
This was made back in 2013, when I tried to get badged to work in the growing cannabis industry in Colorado.

I had thought about an entire arc surrounding Kitteh working in the Nip business.

Ultimately, I lasted about a week as a trimmer. My hands were in so much crippling pain, I couldn't even write my own name.

(for those who don't know, I'm disabled with a genetic collagen disorder known as Ehlers Danloss. I would learn of this in 2014)
I am still working on what is better, Thicker skin, or greater flexibility and resilience?
How does one measure these things?

Anyhoo... Welded suits are completely out :-P
mess? what mess? ^,^
Some images that went into a colouring book I set up.

Cuteness for cuteness sakes.
(because I need and want it right now :) )
I'd say both... definitely both.
more or less a true story :-D
Admit it... it's tempting to play with those guitars.... ^,^

*No guitars were harmed in the making of this comic*
I made a video of how to read that music (if you wanted to know ;) )

mostly it was for mum (Hi mum!)

but anyone who wants a look at the raw pages, how I make up stuff, and whatnots, here it is:
"We all gasp this can't happen here,
We're all much too civilized,
Where can these monsters hide?

But they're knocking on our front door,
They're rocking in our cradle,
They're preaching in our churches,
and eating at our tables"

-Scarecrow, Melissa Etheridge

The above words were written about the murder of a young man named Matthew Sheppard, who was tortured and hung on a fence left to die by bigots.

As I read the news yesterday, these words became important all over again.

Hatred in a larger/wilder form was on display yesterday.
It "ended" in a terrorist attack.
(yes, that is what it is when you get in a car and run a group of people over because you disagree with their face. It's abnormal, it's wrong. It is inexcusable.)

Hatred in smaller forms is all around us though.

You, like me, are probably not equipped to go to a protest, or stand in solidarity (my body cant hold it)

If you are not, then you bear a different job.
We need people to mind other people's speech.
We need educators (in strict and loose senses) to tell people, hey, that's not right.

We need people to refrain from saying "but they did it too" bullshit. That's a child's argument, and it's not only flawed, it tries to excuse horrors.

We need people to teach folks better.

and it's never too late to learn.

Create that art, sing that song, teach with books, teach history, talk to kids, talk to your friends, your parents.
We need to do better and better.
my disc player is finicky! :)
Putting this one out there again because it bears repeating in my world.

Home is where you rest in every sense of the word :)
so, where is your home? (or who?) :)

(this is also where we left off in the buffer before Film Noir, so, newer stuff after this :) as we try to straighten our timelines out!)
This one bears repeating cause I feel it now and again :)

Home is where you rest. In every sense of the word :)
These are compilations of things people have told me over the years.

The biggest key of this entire thing, slow one's self down.
It makes a difference :)
A separate drawing that spurred yesterday's comic :)

I definitely drew this first and then giggled so hard I had to figure out how to make a story for it.

No Kittehs were harmed in the making of these comics :-D
I have a small confession.
While I'm drawing, I think of songs.

I go through the lengths to look up the notes, and to draw them out.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then I forget what song I was thinking of.
(if i don't write it down, I have no idea what it was at all)