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To share, to teach, to laugh, to learn.
It's all moments.

I'm setting up this secondary site so we don't miss out on the bits in between during a larger story :)
This is when one wonders, Ralph, how did you survive to be as old as you are???

Happy Hannukah :)
so much shedding.....sooooooooooooooo much.
(Drawn on a cellphone) iiiiinteresting
It works for Kitteh. 😊
Sunday Drawing is up!

good morning! er...noon...sunday noony? :)
I know I had a hard time getting up this am :-D

er...noony! :)
Art program crashed twice, and i'm hoping the file wasnt eaten.

woot :)
page is on it's way!
Artists go through this often enough.
I need to be more this or that in order to be noticed.

I cant work in this world.

This world, it's changing so often. It can't make up it's mind.

So, might as well be happy.
You'll find your way.
Quick reminder.
Today I fly home from mum's house.
Comic page will be late.

I Thank you kindly for your understanding and continued support ❤
I burn out energetically when I don't manage and ground.
How about you?
A tip of the hat to Weird Al Yankovic, for that goofy song 😊
Halloween comic is up!!!
I hope you enjoy :)
Ralph detail!

Fun fact, I did actually carve a Shelob pumpkin a couple years ago.
Including a tiny Frodo fighting for his life :)

(it rotted fast, so I'm glad we took pictures. It was fun :) )
Concert pumpkin! yaaaaaaaaaaaaay :)
I am super pleased with how this turned out :)
adding text balloons!
(had to toothpick them in so they'd stay :-D )

In hindsight, I'd sketch out balloon space and then do this :) however... I was learning.

It was also about this time when I realized, I hadnt gutted the pumpkin at all.
(emergency side gutting took place :-D )
It is also here that I learned, Sharpie likes pumpkin skin, but it doesn't quite like the wet flesh.

So I got to improvise :)