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To share, to teach, to laugh, to learn.
It's all moments.

I'm setting up this secondary site so we don't miss out on the bits in between during a larger story :)
Happy New Year (again ) ^,^

It is the year of the Earth Dog.

May it be a very good year for you.
May it bring much needed stability to your lives <3
I saw this last night, and it made me cackle.
I looked at which comic in the comedy buffer was coming up today shortly thereafter, and this was immensely appropriate 😂 ne-to-xena-how-high-are

Thing is, I doubt any of them were high. I do highly suspect that they were just as silly and fruity (and sometimes caffeine fueled) as I am though 😊

I love the goof episodes ^,^
If you've never seen 2001: A space oddessey, go do it :)

I hope you enjoy :)
For all those times Siri has lead you astray :-D
My friend's house seems to always be having trouble :-P
I'm not having an episode right now.
These things come in waves.

and when they do, comics pop out ;)

I wish you the best in your journeys :)
Take care out there! :)
I decided I needed goofy love today.

This is a drawing thing I did for my Deviant Art profile a while ago.

Roger is, I'd say middle thirties (human years), tall, lanky dog.
James Bond Kitteh (JBK for short) is probably middle 40's... longest lived bond of his line.

He goes on his hardest journey yet.... letting someone in.
I know you've seen this one before.
It was worth the repost :)

I took off this New Years :)

I hope you take very good care of yourselves out there!

I resolve this year to make a bigger impact in the world for positive change.
(same resolve each year ^,^ I'm all about the momentum :) )

What's yours?
Been running extra errands with family today.
It snowed crazy yesterday, today a lot of it melted.... Colorado is weird 😊
Kitteh drawing :)
(because she's been up to stuff, and so have I!)

Dancing with Kitteh is now up on Youtube :)
A simple software and voice test :) but also just fun, and cute.
(a good way to spend half a minute I'd say)

Hope you enjoy!
This is when one wonders, Ralph, how did you survive to be as old as you are???

Happy Hannukah :)
so much shedding.....sooooooooooooooo much.
(Drawn on a cellphone) iiiiinteresting
It works for Kitteh. 😊
Sunday Drawing is up!

good morning! er...noon...sunday noony? :)
I know I had a hard time getting up this am :-D

er...noony! :)
Art program crashed twice, and i'm hoping the file wasnt eaten.

woot :)
page is on it's way!