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To share, to teach, to laugh, to learn.
It's all moments.

I'm setting up this secondary site so we don't miss out on the bits in between during a larger story :)
Pup can be the learned type with her students, but she falls into that all too familiar trap..... messing with your family.
(and Ralph will not take that lying down!)

alright... I'm officially done with this song... I've been singing it for days while cleaning it up...
Next week! Monkey goes shopping! Yaaaaay!
I've been told I think way too hard too.

(also, Pup, you like to torture more than you let on, don't you?)
now i'm humming it.... dah!
What bet indeed?

Side note, a little known fact about me, when I get seriously upset, I am likely to watch the same film over and over and over and over and over again til i recover.
(cant tell you how many times i made my housemates watch Yentl back in 2010)
This is my first mother's day, without mum.

Normally id do some cute, "kitteh is such an exasperating weirdo for her mum."
This year, i just cant.

To all my friends out there, the mums by birth or choice, live and kitteh hugs to you.
Keep up the good work!
Kitteh likes to build as much as I do 😻😸
Kitteh loves to see juuuuuuust how far she can get 😹
This phrase, specifically regards your reactions to your own life.

That is literally the only thing you can control on this planet.

Do you see joy?
Do you see pain?
Do you see mistreatment?

and what do you do with what you see?

That is, your life.

The sum of your reactions, actions, and eventual memories.
That's human existence.

What do you want to make of the lot that you have?
Note, the artist could be hungry 😂
It's hard to know what a normal disagreement can look like when you've had years of unhealthy ones.

Kitteh will get there :)
Poor Cetta bunny.
Bad Kitteh!
Do a little, cough a little.... Or a lot 😸

Noir story is off of hiatus starting tomorrow 🐱

Happy happy!
I'm a bit sick, and in pain today.

On Saturday a friend took me to a psychic festival. We usually go to tarot readers there 😸
The readings were pretty encouraging.

How about you?
Have you ever gone? What kind of reading would you get?
Hey folks, my laptop might have died.
I was given tests to find out if it did or didn't. Sooooooo... Verdict later.

The good news is I'm going to my friends next week, and we might be able to sort the problem.

Anyhoo.... Crazay!

For those who read my regular comic at, that will have to take a week hiatus.

It will be ok 😊
We will make it so!
can you hear the show's opening song?
I can :)
Hello folks!
I am experiencing tendonitis in the thumb and wrist of my dominant hand.

Rest is prescibed. whee!

So, things will appear here in readable format (or simple cutes without the colouring)

for now until I get my hand back into happy shape again :)

Take care of yourselves out there!
Happy New Year (again ) ^,^

It is the year of the Earth Dog.

May it be a very good year for you.
May it bring much needed stability to your lives <3
I saw this last night, and it made me cackle.
I looked at which comic in the comedy buffer was coming up today shortly thereafter, and this was immensely appropriate 😂 ne-to-xena-how-high-are

Thing is, I doubt any of them were high. I do highly suspect that they were just as silly and fruity (and sometimes caffeine fueled) as I am though 😊

I love the goof episodes ^,^
If you've never seen 2001: A space oddessey, go do it :)

I hope you enjoy :)