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Colour is so pretty, isn't it?

For this interlude we journey to the beginning. Enter a past where time did not move. A past where space did not expand or contract. Before legends and before humans. When there was nothing but Arceus and the desire to create.
Quick guess a number
Hey! Today is the last of the twice a week updates for at least a little while. So this will be the only update this week. The comic will be back next week once a week because of coloured updates. Hopefully by the time that is done I will have a stock pile of normal comics again. Thank you for reading and don't forget to comment. \(^.^)/

@JollySyko: Yes certain humans have "types" which is one of the reasons other humans and Pokemon want them killed.
Sorry for the lateness
Enya has a bit of a problem remembering her priorities.
Lets start with introductions. I'm Broken Hand and this comic has been on my mind for years. Around seven years to be exact but I never got around to actually doing it. Until now, and would you look at that! It's not that bad has that new comic smell and everything.

The girl on the cover is named Enya. She is one of eight that found themselves in a very difficult situation, and she will try her hardest to get everyone home.
Enya is very jumpy around sudden noises.
@Guest: This makes my heart happy.
.....when's the other shoe gonna drop?

It more like when the other shoe won't drop.