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I'm crawling in my skin. My wounds they will not heal. Fear is how I fall, forgetting what is real.
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Daniels mom is the best ❤️
Ah he looks a lot like me when I open at work
God damn it do I adore this comic. I just ughhh ❤ even on my worse days this conic is such a joy
Ohh does he have a thing for Darcie?
Damn I was hoping for some confessions
I honestly feel for her like yeah the bitch is Crazy but still being used till you go crazy sucks
This is why darcie is best girl
I adore these two. I got out of relationship today and this put a smile back onto my face. But please take care of yourself ❤
But like he is just disappointed he got rejected. It's not like he went "omg what a bitch" plus she is kinda rude for day dreaming about some guy with lighting bolt leg hair while someone is talking to her.
December 11th, 2017
I'm gonna come back to this when it has more pages but damn your art is beautiful
1. Colorado
2. Gotta go akane x Sonia from dangan ronpa
3. Not sure xD
December 2nd, 2017
I'm going to die of old age before these two get together like "JUST TALK"
Omg yes I'm ready for More of best girl <3
* whispers* dat ship tho we x Kylee is otp boi
Best girl
Best girl is back
I like the queen a lot so far sure she is evil but not without reason
Wes x Kim = OTP
Honestly I ship Wes x Kylee more then the couple that's going to be in the end xD