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And by the way, who cares about popular? Popularity does not mean something is good.
Happy Anniversary!
No, I think I am a Noodle Neophite or something. Like a Pasta Apprentice.
I think the flag makes a very nice hat. :)
Aw, the Yoshis are adorable. I want one. I request that in my next cameo I ride around on a Yoshi!
Why haven't I commented on this one? I like the bit about the tacos especially. :)
I think it is pretty creative to have that many numbers as a last name. :)
This is AWESOME. I don't think I have seen it before, maybe I missed it accidentally? It cracked me up. :)
What's a squeezebox? I am a Pasta Chef or Pasta something. Yum.
It's only important that you like it and it makes YOU happy!!
It looks very spiffy!
No, don't let it eat Enya!
I love this one.
Has Amanda seen these yet??
I hate error messages!