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Yaoi fan
Kind of feel like he just wants an excuse to create some yaoi lol
I'd like a latte and a kiss from you ;3
The second panel! It kills me inside! R.I.P death by cuteness.
October 13th, 2017
I love the last panel so precious
<3 I love them
This is amazing!
These dorks are just killing me with their awkward love XD
It's like a game of chess with these two cute guys lol
I can dig it lol
Oh he can't handle it anymore! I can just smell his desire for that boy. So can Brain Jr.
Flop then smile. That's how we do it here.
He knows he wants it, he knows he needs it~
Most people generally give someone a box of condoms not a basket. I also smell yaoi awaiting in that corner there.
Why is he so pretty but so freakin' horrible!
He isn't a virgin in his dreams XD
I still want to beat her up.
No! No dying! The story must go on! I hope you get better XD I am only good with algebra 1 (then common core became a thing) so I get what you are saying. Lastly, for your question, I am interested in all the above!
To Domingo and Alex: Have you had a dream where both of you guys were in it (where Domingo is in Alex's dream and Alex is in Domingo's)? What was it like for you?