Yaoi fan
My first thoughts were: yay they kissed, they better use protection, wait was there even protection then, wait does the god of death even...?
"I fell in love with you, let's go forth our journey to open the seals, then find a nice cottage where we shall have 20 children."
Do CPR on him! Let the gay happen.
I ship it
Hey guys, you get an update early this morning (well for my time zone anyway). My dog is sick and he woke me up at 5 this morning puking and pooping, its just nasty. He currently is outside crying the for little guy, I don't know what to do and I don't have money to go get him checked out. Anyway, that explains the early morning update.
I feel the hot gay vibes.
Then on the next page they will be in the storage room XD
August 19th, 2017
Oh sweet hot potato is correct
That is the look of "Damn you to hell I hope you die, but you are so is the sex" XD
@Novae Comic: old fashion flirting. I do very much so enjoy this form of flirtation.
@AutumnWolf20: They are so detailed, and thank you.
That smile though XD
I smell gay feelings.
XD challenge has been accepted, waiting for awkward feelings to begin.
Kawaii! I love it! Ship it! It's shipped with mahogany.
Perfect gay moment has appeared and was ruined before it even started, tear. XD I love the art, it's beautiful.
What is wrong, I wanna know. I swear if he breathed in some shrooms that gave him demonic powers...this is why we don't do drugs kids.