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Actually our Radio Game is a forum game too. Er, was. You're the first person to comment on this in about 3 years.

Have you ever heard of Sir Iggy the Bold? He created a forum game on the Adventure question forums called the Radio Game which we all joined and became our Radio Game. He later said something about getting his inspiration (and the character name Odbarc) from a similar forum game he joined on another forum, perhaps that was your forum game?

Since he started that game, we continued it with a host of other people leading the game as the World Saver as we call it. I think we had just short of 20 world savers (though a few of us went multiple times) before it kinda died out. Not much has really happened Radio Game wise in the last 2 years...
Wow, it's been a while since I made that comic...

Anyway, the forum is in the same place as always:

But the RG itself is on the GITP forum, just type GITP into google and search the forum for radio game and you should find it.
Latest. Update. Ever.
Anybody left reading these? If so, enjoy!

Anyway, I have no idea where I got the idea for this one. I mostly just had WAY too much time on my hands and had to do something.

Oh, and I finally figured out how to get PNGs to work. So, enjoy the extra quality!
Happy Halloween...Or Christmas, whichever is closer now.
Hey guys, I haven't been here in a while eh? Any, it's guessing time:

Batman- Szo?
Guy standing beside Batman- I don't have a clue, I'll guess Axel.
Bear thing- Ver'yan (well, technically Jin I guess since the wings are red...)
Big Sword Guy- Axel
Uncle Sam- Striker
Green Guy (TMNT?)- Is that me?
British Superman?- Sirius
*sigh* It always me that gets hit by that damn crossbow. How come I never lock any doors? I was in a bathroom!
Robbing Onion Kid. I kindof put all the characters back to their 8-bit theatre personalities, which is why math had this long speeech to figure out there where nine people, onion kid was the victim, and SZO11 was a theif, but he was still good at hiding. For a while.

By the way, you can see a little bit of SZO11 In every frame but the black one.
Yes, there will be a part 2...I promise.
So, what do you think? This was fairly simple to make, I had to keep it simple since I made it on my uncles computer and I'm still not 100% comfortable with macs yet...
Oh yeah, the whole Monday release thing...hehe, sorry.

By the way, there really is a real technology where somebody can stand up against a green screen and have it look like they're somewhere else on TV. How we could hear the all this over the Radio I don't know, but get the picture, errr...uh, sound.
Don't ask, just don't ask...
Where'd I get the inspiration? I don't know. I just wanted to make a comic so I made it up as I went.
Part 2!
Yep, it's been released! Ok, so the whole thing was out as one before, but atleast now it's the right size and good quality. Rejoice!
Wait a minute!
Axel made a squishy, Striker made a Gem turtle, and what I made isn't said. The only thing left is...The lawyer??!!! You made me make a lawyer? I demand a recount!
Yes, you are...
Man, movies on Radios are so graphic!
Wait...What? That's like saying 'Cats are pretty much like Dogs.'

Not to mention that that's gramatically incorrect. "Pretty much the same" but not "pretty much like."
Your comics are wierd...
You should get photoshop. It's WAY better. Get it. Now.

Just out of curiosity, why does everything happen in the middle of an intersection?
What they said...
Don't forget AQ. We do use their world and some backgrounds.

Does anybody have any other ideas for making the quality better without making it dark or shrunk? Because it's looks wierd, especially the glow around the mushroom cloud.

Also, you (Temy) said "before I give an opinion..." and then went on and on, and never gave an a opinion. You lose.
PNGs are too dark...
Seriously, they are. Look at this:
She had it coming...
1. Yes, I know the quality of the picture's pretty low, but that was the best I could get it without it being resized.

2. The character that's always offscreen is Odbarc, who is the world saver at that point because the teleporter sent Temy back in time.

3. Odbarc is never shown because FMA's Odbarc sprite doesn't look good on a black background.

4. The explosion was the second one at the north pole, which was the best event I could think of that was close to when Temy said she was ambassador.

5. I don't have a clue what character Onion Kid is supposed to be.

6. If you look closely at the second last frame (the one where Odbarc counts the letters), you can see the invisible shield.

7. Yes, I know that these explanations aren't in the order they appear in the comic, or any order for that matter.

8. And finally, yes, I know I suck at blood. Deal with it.
This is such a rip-off of the current DragonfabLe phase...nice job. That's got to be the longest one here.
Plots are for flowers! Or was that pots...
Anyway, I basically just wanted to somehow fit Striker's theory (isn't it a 10 second period at 3pm?) into this mess, and thought no better time then when I was reading about the restaurant at the end of the universe. And, I always thought Golden Plate was plate armour, it's not plate mail, so what else would it be?
I did the research.
Well, first off I did a search on the forums for every post Striker has made with "golden plate" in it. Golden Chocobo came up a few times before finally found his theory about the 10 seconds after 3pm and stuff. Am I the only one who didn't know it was for 10 seconds after 3pm? Does this have anything to do wit everthing? Can you tell I'm into book two of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? Will I stop asking questions? OK.