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Sorry for the re-post--I realized that before the text was too small to read, so I resized it and here is the finished result.
I love your artwork and your character design. But my favorite thing about this comic is the premise. I'm sucked in.

And I love the character's page!!
Update again, so that I may continue adoring this comic...x|

Can't wait for the 20th...too far away...
Great art.
Fast fav.
I usually don't fav a comic in a "cover" stage for fear of falling for a bullshot, but this cover is too sexy.
I freaking ADORE this comic.
^_^ Thanks.
So wrong. XD
I don't want to like this comic. But I do. I can't stop reading it.

Make it stop!
Oh noes. ::psst:: Panel six looks like he's grabbing a penis. =(

Like, I know, after re-reading it a couple times that its a throat and a chibi-mouth, but...
January 13th, 2009
Very nice comic, VERY nice. Your lines are very crisp and clean--do you have any idea how great this would look inked? Why not go the extra step?
Oh, hey, you must have read HEATHENS back when it was in black and white. Yeah, I decided that it could never get anywhere in black and white, so I scrapped the whole project and started over again from scratch. I still have that whole thing saved on my hard drive, though.
Foxin & Meggers: your points are valid. Reviewing TOXIC comics is inevitable (actually, reading a review of a horrible comic can be fun), and I'm not aggravated that you're reviewing bad comics. I expect you guys to review bad comics. There's lots of them out there, and an author wouldn't request a review if they didn't think there was room for improvement.

But comics with no content? Comics with no effort? Bad comics and comics with no effort are different. Any well meaning amateur with a bright future can be guilty of the first, but I take issue with the second.

However, I understand that since its creation, you've made some submissions guidelines (a minimum page number for instance)that should weed out the effortless, rather then, "OMG, I just came up with a title for my comic that I haven't drawn yet, plz review me!!!"

EDIT: BTW, just so there's no hard feeling, I totally concede my douche-baggery.
Maybe you just shouldn't accept sprite/fan comics for review. I mean, I agree with you--they aren't creative, they have no artistic value, and even if they have epic, sweeping plots...who cares? Its a fucking SPRITE comic. And fancomics have only marginally more value--at least their art can be good. But, again, who cares? Its not like anything can come of a fan comic. We won't be seeing that on the shelf of a Walden Books some day, saying, "Wow, I remember when he was on SmackJeeves."

I've been reading your reviews with disappointment, hoping to see some actual comic reviews and it seems like your wasting your time reviewing shit. Reviewing comics with only 1 page? This review thing might as well be a sprite collab for all its contributing to the Smack Jeeves community.
January 4th, 2009
I tell you, face: those CRAFTY black people. You always have to keep your eye on them.
Nice pants. ;}