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I love comics, anime and food. I attempt to draw things and I end of scrapping it. I'm a dork too.
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YAY! This is going to make me happy for the rest of the day. :)
Man I miss this comic. I hope you decide to come back soon and fill my days with happiness again. There are so many comics that have been abandoned. It would be sad to see yours disappear like that ...

Is this because we don't draw enough fanart?! Because I can change Nozmo! This won't be like the last time.

I reread the comic after the announcement of the last chapter. It's really cool to see you get better.
AH! I'm so glad to see this is still alive! EXCITEMENT! Thank you for not giving it up!
You may hate to ink Logan's hair, but I must say ... THIS PAGE LOOKS GORGEOUS! I wouldn't mind seeing him again. :)
I miss the updates, but I'm glad you still most some!

Oh and I noticed the Utena-like character. :D I love her too! >v<
NOZMO!!! Come back!! ;A; I miss you and your comic making skills!
I am definitely interested! Like Saru-chan I was ready to pay more. LET ME COMMISSION YOU! >u<
OMG Clover butt. :D
I really can't wait to see what you do with this comic! I think I'll fall in love with it whether or not it's long or short, sad or sappy. I love your comics! Keep up the beautiful work!
This is joyous news! I look forward to the revival!
AAAHH! It's okay, this comic is too good to be mad at for a long, very long, wait. I'm just glad you're back! :]
is zombie stabbers real? I might read it.. haha. ah I love bailey.
WOOHOO!!! congrats!! I'm so glad you kept it going! plus this is a lot of stuff so I'm happy. the four update was nice for the holidays! THANK YOU!
haha those looks are familiar to me. this battle will go down in the books, plus bailey has a little stray hair :]
ah! it was so close! I have to say that this is amazing. I love all the characters and the story!
please update! please, please. I love this and how you draw but I miss the updates! what's gonna happen with the gayness and daniel!?
this is the most amazing comic ever! the chararcters are my favorite! XD

can and will he play the song? that would be amazing..
cool.. this is gonna be nice. plus I can't wait for more RichardxHenry! XD I love that stuff!
AAAHHH! I'm in love with this.. ah. It's wonderful! I love Richard and Henry, and Ed and Liam. XD Keep going with it! Update as often as you can! And good luck!