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ouch! poor Pinku! but we all know what's coming next. Pinku will flip out when she finds her view of "Alice" XD I wonder if she'll be in denial when she finds out who the real Alice is...?
very cool! can't wait to see what you've got!!! =D

I did and didn't see this coming.... dang, Zeus.... dang.... you're my hero of the day for being so awkwardly brave....
aww, it's ok! we can wait!!!
goodness, this manga makes me want to have a neko of my own... >/////<
ah!! lucky! I hope you have-- er... HAD fun!!! you have to tell us how your trip was when you get back today!!! 8D
...did someone REALLY cosplay as Naruto and say "believe it"? XDDD
XD he's so cute~
awww, so cute! and beautiful coloring! it doesn't look rushed at all!
....her hair flips up like that because she's a devil.... all makes sense now...
oh my gosh, congratulations!!! 8D I'm sure you'll have wonderful memories with your new baby~ >w<

we will miss your comics, but, of course, your new family will be much more important. I wish you the best of happiness!
lol, awesome

aw, it's ok. at least you're finding a little more time to update again, right? =)
also, sorry to hear about your dog D= how sad...
XD oh my gosh, he looks so pathetic, but so cute in the last panel...

yes! pray for Japan! ;A;
XDDD Saru, are you serious? (this is AnimeHeroine from DA, btw)

I don't know why, but this made me laugh...

but it was good, nonetheless! I never expected someone to actually make a doujin about Ed, Edd, and Eddy... XD
yay~! congrats to you~~~!!! >w<
lol, I love how Hotaru has mad art skittlez and Yumi has... not so much mad art skittlez XD you'd think it's the other way around, but this way makes sense too
YAY! can't wait!
XDDDD oh my gosh, I love the comedy in this~ you and your characters brighten my day, Pompi~!
I LOVE the look on his face on the second to last panel.... XD his facial expressions are so priceless. love the stuffed toy question too~
XD awesome!

ROFL, ooohhh, poor Spades..... is that a chair she just hit him with???? oh no, wait, that's a candle stick.... XD;
XD I see!

oh my gosh, he looks as if he's about to kill the girl in the last two panels OAO XD pooooor Lala. then again, he's probably just gonna end up being really goofy and Lala would be all "I was afraid of THIS guy....???? REALLY?????"
XD oh my gosh, Deian, I was expecting a kiss... I should have known better...

YAY! I'll be sure to get my entry in asap! *A*