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I'm an amateur artist armed with a 70 dollar tablet and a pirated Manga Studio 5 copy. Currently my skill in digital art is quite shit but hopefully I'll be constantly improving. I'm doing this all as a hobby and in the future I have dreams of making this into a career someday. I'll have the oppertunity to take the first steps in this dream, and you'll have the oppertunity to watch it crash and die.
Hello, Reader!
WELCOME TO LITTLE DEATH QUEST. Technically my first 'serious' attempt at a webcomic.

As I am very new to comics and digital art in general, so afford me some beginner's mistakes, like, inconsistency in colors, characters and artstyle, poor pasing, plot holes, shitty speech bubbles, shitty dialogue. Those are issues I will eventually iron out with time, practice, learning, and a healthy dose of criticism, which I encourage.

Even with all the faults, please enjoy the webcomic, even if you don't, enjoy taking the piss out of it instead, enjoy it whatever the way you want, and if you don't please tell me why because I will be on a constant(i hope) journey of self improvement. But that's what this comic is, a learning experience as well as an effort to tell a narrative.
June 7th, 2017
June 2nd, 2017
I can't update anything, when I try to upload an image, it just refreshes, how do I solve this?
June 2nd, 2017
this is the page where I learned how to use hues.