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February 28th, 2018
I'm excited to see what happens next^^
More *^* plizz *^*
This is great xD
#Then-you-scare-someone-and-tries-to-tell-them-it-was-a-joke-afterward xD
shit!xD You made me laugh so high i bet everyone in the house heard me... xD
September 12th, 2017
"Everyday I get beaten up for being different..." That's not true. They are just jealous of how cute you are *u*
June 12th, 2017
just love their faces XD
Good job;) this is an amazing comic*o*
haven't commented before now bc i was so obsessed in getting to know what happens next *^*
though i have read it 3 times...
i will just sa:"this comic is amazing;)"
To favorite it will goooo!!!*O*
What an amazing cartoon^^
im looking forward to the contineue^^
really nice page yet again^^
is't so funny how the faces of the guyes at the button of the page just tells me " this is totally normal." or something like that :D
"I want to deal this on my own!!!" he says. *mumbling*-->"totally not to impress you or anything....O///O"
This is a really good comic^^
I am really looking forward to the next update*^*
Plizz continue the comic. i really want to watch this comic! :D
Awww*O* sooo cute *^* though the circles under Liv's eyes on the last picture..... looks like his eyes at first glanseXD but they are so cute*O* (as long as i dont see the circles as the eyes... that scares me:p) I love this comic^^
Ooooo didnt know Liv knew swedish.:D
wait... it isn't any more pages yet?;( but i just started reading the comic a few minutes ago:o... well you are a genius at this:) can't wait to see what happens next *^*
awww*รด* sooo cute<3
Joa is just too cute here XD*O*
It feels like the thoughts:" omg! omg!omg! Can't believe this is actually happening! o//o im just too happy:)" is buzzing around in his(Joa's) head.
You sure you are a human? because i get chills of how good you are at making an amazing serie*o*
This page is illigally cute XD. Great job, yet again;)
The face of joa is just so cute *o*
And Dylans sarcasm is just wonderful :D
the butterflies in my stomach disappered:( Maybe because of the tunder of laughter that went through my body the moment i saw this page? ^O^