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Comic lover: Gloomverse4Life
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Big reveal???
New fan!
The suspense!!

P.S: Guys don't forget to vote for Gloomverse on topwebcomics btw! :D Let's get it to the top!
Lolol Gah Hobo.. xD I wonder why Hobo is pretty shocked or seems triggered in the last panel? cx
@Estarflame: Because they think Wallis is a spy from another nation (Inverse) in the Gloomverse universe cause his hair just turned black and eyes red and he disappeared (conspiracy theories basically: and people believe them)... Since assistant sacrificed herself to help save the people at the magic show and the ones she care about they think she's their hero now..
Sorry for the very-very late reply btw. I just wanted to make it clear a bit. Hope it helps in some way tho xD
@Starempress: Nah.. It looks fine to me lol It's just very colourful but that's usually how things are in Gloomverse. And the art style is also pretty colourful, so it looks fine to me xD
Fav comic of all time! <3
Ah the twinsies can be a little stupid sometimes.. Dumb and dumber.. jk xD
oO That's one creepy lady