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Khajiits got your back guardian
And so
It begins
What do you mean
It's a reference, basically a man is stuck in his memories and he's slowly dying, he can picture his love with perfect clarity and talk with her but when he feels his time has come he decides he doesn't want any version of her to experience what he is about to, when prompted he says the line that I wrote down.
No I'm not going to say I love you... I'm going to say I forget you...
A great beast
A leviathan of terrible power.

Where food is good! But not to good, eh.
IN the everlasting words of caboose
How was guardiancon did you sell a lot of comics?
This one feels...
Less alive...
I say Jeffery
I look forward to having you post on a more... Regular schedule.
Honestly after ten I thought this would be done but whatever these are pretty cool.
Omae wa mou shindeiru
Here comes the bang

This guy
Seriously needs a therapist... Nah they'd probably wind up getting killed after he unknowingly tells them the secrets of the universe.
Are you gonna put all of the between chapters in a gallery at the end of the comic book? Like where you have watermelon and Greg sitting down on stairs, watermelon smash, raid hard mode, Los Angeles adventure, etc.
Time to reveal my secret
I am bonsaiguy5, I just wanted there to be more diversity in the comment section and get people interested in learning Japanese but people got annoyed with that real quick.
The markings on his upper left arm
They spell O C or original character, ha
Khajiit has wares if you have coin
Da da da daa da dada da duda da da
Playing bonetrousle