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So by your definition
Being a grammar nazi is the best thing to do. Also again this is a comment section, who cares? These are all just a bunch of throwaway words that we give to the author who will never look at them again, it doesn't matter.
Apature Science employee:
Oh hey honey I'm going to be a little bit late today we're activating an artificial intelligence program named glados, don't worry everything will be fine.
This is a worried comment.
Why are you pushing this point so much, we are on a freaking website where people produce comics. Why is grammar in the comment section so important? Give me a reason.
The word "too" means "as well". Had I been the second person to say it I would have said "you're to kind too".
? ...
😦 I don't get it... I'm so frickin tired.
So is she...
About to die?
Thank you
You're to kind
I don't know about that but...
I'm pretty bloody tired.
Here's what I want you to
Get a copy of explorers of time, name your team 'team sunset' and play until you get to the manphy part, then watch the manaphy story play out and watch as you get hit in the feels.
Team sunset
That war beast
Wouldn't it have just mauled them? But instead it's just dragging them around. Is it trying to lead them somewhere?
Aquire pet
Make the war beast his pet so he can name him spike, lassie, or old yeller.
One of the speech bubbles
In the second panel has bad grammar.
Sorry I just finished my student orientation and I am absolutely exhausted. 😩
Really hope
That punch sends her flying
By the way
The answer may be obvious but did you take inspiration from the fallen to make these guys?