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That's easy
He's over pressurizing his headlight fluid
Longest flashback ever. Seriously.
OH Nooooooo flare's gone mad oh noooooo (dials phone, phone rings, phone gets picked up.) Jeffery flare's gone mad!
Jeffery: oh nooooooo not flare.

You: (slow claps) great family guy reference, you must really have no life.
It's you two I see you everywhere
For some reason (stacking on the sarcasm here)
I keep thinking that Rachel is a guy.
Where is he
Where is that slowpoke
Foreshadowing detected
OH you know what?
Wouldn't it be cool if Greg the dreg got his caps removed and got upgraded to vandal or even captain!
Here's a comment
Will watermelon meet up with Hawthorne I wonder?
Hey pal
Thanks for releasing this comic I just sprained my leg not even an hour ago and lost my keys.

P.S. You know that comment I made in the last chapter that involved the robotic arm, could you put that in the EWE comic? His hand can have googily eyes glued to the index finger which is curved under the thumb to make it look like a mouth whenever the thumb moves down, it will be like one of those animatronic fish that people hang on walls, and cayde will have installed a voice box that sings a funny little melody and the arm and thumb moves to make it look like its singing the tune. And all of this attached to a piece of wood.
It's fine
And thanks
Theseus lost an eye?
The big samurott lost one of his eyes, but still has two?
Anyone else notice
That theseus is wearing an eye
Do you think you could make a comic page sort of dedicated to this comment? It would be cayde asking watermelon to do him a favor, and his reward for finding his arm would be the sun shot r something?
I've got a message here from cayde, thought you might like to here it. It reads as follows: hey guardian, so on top of all the other things that we need you to do I was wondering if you'd do something very important for me. You will that's great. So as you might recall a member of the vanguard may or may not have lost a robotic arm during the battle for the city and I'm not naming names but that person may just want to mount said robotic arm for ah sentimental reasons so if you could go find that that would be great, and hey I'll make it worth your while.
Funny thing is
I feel like that's something cayde might say.
The only good eye
Is the one behind your scope.
Was for this girl I knew.