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Aww, Daniel has bed-head. ^_^
Warning: The Page That Comes After This Has Gay Sex
If gay sex doesn't bloat your stoat, PLEASE don't read the next page. Thank you!

Who wears flip flops and skirts in winter? Why, that would be Betty, Elise's best friend and dorm mate! She's a witch, much like Daniel. ^_^
Those aren't funny sex faces, folks. That's that chap getting sexed to death by the greatest incubus of all time, Yatam! After five thousand years, you'd probably be bored with sex, too. Even if you DO need it to survive.
Whoops, looks like Yatam sexed that poor guy to death. ^_^ Anyway, that lovely girl talking to Yatam is a half-succubus. She survives through a job stripping at a bar called Eloquent blood, and somewhat ickily enough, she's got a bit of a father-daughter relationship with Yatam.

Sort of.
Liar, liar, pants on fire!
Drawing Elise and Daniel in the green panel was fun. Elise is so stinking cute.
Thank you... that really means a lot to me. I appreciate your consistent commenting, too. ^_^
It's yet another superhero-- Mullet Man! ^_^ Digging the hair.
Thank you! I'm a novelist by profession, so I would sure hope the writing would be okay... ^_^
Can I get away with saying "beautiful" again? I love that arch, and the trees, and the grass... oh, it's just gorgeous.
Beautiful again! I think the anatomy on your people needs work, but the world in which they live is stunning.
This is absolutely beautiful; I wish I was as good as you at drawing scenery. ^_^
Wow! Amazing detail! I've decided that I'm going to add a link to your webcomic on my own site, if you don't have any problem with it. ^_^
Yay! An entire page in the morgue! I love coloring all that blue. ^_^ I referenced the coloring on page one for the kitchen, but I think I liked the coloring on page three better. Less peach tones, and more browns.

In case you can't tell by her outfit, the flashback is the night that she was killed.
I just started reading this today, but it's really funny. ^_^ I put a link to it on my own webcomic. If you'd like me to remove it, though, then I will.
I think Photobucket resized this one. I really need to use less gradients or make the files lower-quality or something so I could just host them here on Smack Jeeves... Oh well. ^_^

Coloring the morgue frame was tres fun.
I've now put them on Photobucket, so if you're still not seeing the page, try pressing CTRL+F5 (if you have IE). It makes the page reload from scratch, so it'll see the new source.

And if you still don't see it, then I have absolutely no idea why.
Thank you!
The comics are remotely hosted, so if you don't see the page, just right click and select SHOW IMAGE or whatever you have in your browser. I'll be putting them somewhere more reliable soon.
This page took me a while. But I really, really like how that last frame turned out, with the hand and the glowing and whatnot. The color blue is a theme in my comic-- guess what it's supposed to mean!