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God I'm awful why are you even here
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God that is the sweetest uncle! I'm glad he has someone in his family he can confide in.
Their ship name is Sprite I don't care what you say, Sprite for the win
I understand all the pain that goes along with it! And I kind of like the lack of usual brightness, considering the setting, it seems fitting of sorts. I hope you feel better soon! Concern yourself with getting better, we enjoy your updates no matter what!
I love all their professions so much? I can see each of them doing their jobs. Also I have absolute faith in Dana's plan whatever it is purely because of the lick of the lips
I love it all so much, this kind of content from artists is amazing! Thank you so much for everything, and I hope you're feeling good today!
I'm really glad you decided to do this, to make sure to put your health first and make sure you continue to enjoy this comic. The last thing any reader wants is for you to work yourself thin trying to make a comic that you stopped enjoying long ago. I'm looking forward to when you start feeling better, and we'll all be around there until then. Thank you so much, Seve
The light hint of a fourth wall break was delightful. Also he should get his own advice comic for all the troubled readers (me) out there
The ANGST! But what a good friend
Fever's striking that POSE!
Rookie mistake, not enough popcorn
I love the color of the eyes! And the relatable struggle of not being clueless in social situations
Meek or debbie downer damn
The eyes of morbid fascination and absolute delight
I'm living for the badass wind blowing through fur look
Sounds like the start of a beautiful friendship
I need a Dana in my life. I am a Dana. What a man.
oooooooooooh I love the look of this already!
I am not a fan of him but also feel very bad for him. Plus he's cute too so it appeals to my shallow ass
Did this boy actually believe it was a bible?