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@Nintenduck: I love your profile icon (hope I haven't said that already)
March 29th, 2019
I would be more than fine with heaven if it was that library
It pleases I as well
(God that sounds posh)
As an Aro Ace myself, I am really happy to see canon Ace/Aro characters, there really isn't enough representation for us (and it's usually bad or misinformed when it does show up)
The whole human- palm hybrid thing is hilarious, my dad is 6ft 7" so he shall now be known as that
@Quadrant: dunt, wunt, shunt, and... Err
Cool 😁
Can't wait (especially for JoJo)
Oh my god a JO JO's t-shirt
I didn't notice that at first
I don't really know what this is
Here's a joke that I thought was funny after realising that the accents where I live can be hard to understand.
February 27th, 2018
Ha ha devilman's song!
That's good to hear
The reason that I'm drawing like that is because I'm trying to get back into drawing a style I used to use all through school
I know the feeling, I'm really polite (even for an English person) and I can't stand it when people don't do stuff like that, it's common courtesy.
The only question I can really answer is the first (England) as for the next two questions I'm spoilt for choice 😅
Damn that's a flowery (is that a word?) On panel 4
This reminds me of being bullied at school so much and I wish I could help him 😥
September 15th, 2017
Does that say Team Edwardo?
So who are you here to kill now?
I have a bad feeling about this 😨
This is becoming another DIY doctor's appointment
Yarp, that would be correct Ivo