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I love you
But no
Hj-7? ....

Depending on when this takes place, (I'm assuming the early to mid 1800's because that's when the original was written) litterally was typically used as an exaggerator, exaggerating a pre-established metaphor or exaggeration. People only stopped using it this way in 1909 when a book was written as a sort of established grammar rules for English. But still, I like the update, and keep up the good work!
Spoopy 0.0
It's so depreeeesssssiiiiinnnngggg......
And I just re-read Blue Sky, too!
I'm actually thinking of starting a web comic as well lol
I love re-reading and seeing how your style has developed! I love your work, I love the comic, and keep being awesome! :)
O shit.
My ship is confirmed *o*
This being the secong or third time I've read this over, I'm realizing how short Hyde/Jekyll is.
Meanwhile, everyone else is talking about actual important stuff ._.
I... don't really know how I feel about this.
"I am your master" is the new "I am your father"
I ship Henry and Utterson way to much
I genuinley don't know how to react besides like Al did
"Maybe we aren't so much alike." "That could be your catchphrase! You're the grumpy one!"

Lol why phineas and ferb randomly popps in my head is a mystery to me.