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Comic artist by day, comic artist by night. Creator of The Misadventures of Buddy and Friend + Sacrimony: A Tale of Love, Life and Death In No Particular Order
Either avert your eyes or get the popcorn
Come on, at least TRY to look excited at the prospect of having an undead boyfriend.
Annnd we’ve reached page 100 of chapter 2. Yay milestones!
Hey ya’ll! This weekend I’ll be at BlerdCon at booth P205~ I’ve got comics, stickers, tote bags, prints and a bunch of other stuff <3
Happy July everyone! Because I love you all, I’ll be updating twice a week this month too <3 Keep your oculars peeled every Monday and Thursday~
Defensive much?
You probably should, just for good measure >.>
This weekend, I’ll be at Too Many Games in Philadelphia, PA! If you happen to be there, stop by table 20~ <3
That escalated quickly.
This weekend, I’ll be at Brooklyn Comic Con at table A2 in artist alley! If you’re gunna be there, stop on by and say hi~
What is a man? A miserable pile of his own misery.
Angelo has the worst job.
And now for something else completely different!

ALSO, I’m feeling mighty generous and productive so for all of June, we’ll be on a Monday and Thursday update schedule ;)
Heads up: There will be an update this Thursday since today is just a full page spread type thing ;)

ALSO, some fun stuff!

Sometimes I like to dream the dream and imagine that if Sacrimony was some sort of TV show, there'd be very specific songs during the ending credits for each episode. I have a very extensive playlist of character-related songs and I thought I'd start sharing said songs little by little as we're starting to learn more about the characters and their motivations. Be prepared to learn a lot about my tri-polar taste in music, folks!

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Hey peeps! This weekend I’ll be at East Coast Comic Con at the Meadowlands Expo Center in New Jersey. Stop by table 712 and say hi ^__^
Hey everyone! I’ll be at Awesome Con in Washington DC this weekend! Stop by table T-08 in the maker’s section to buy books, totes, prints, buttons, stickers, other cool things or just to say hi!
Thanks for your patience, everyone! Looking forward to bringing back a better, stronger, faster Buddy and Friend next year!

For those who are interested, Volume 1 is available here:
Hey all! I'll be at Khem Comic Fest this weekend! Stop on by if you'd like to grab some comics or cool artwork! <3
And now back to our regularly scheduled program.
The gripping tale...