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Comic artist by day, comic artist by night. Creator of The Misadventures of Buddy and Friend + Sacrimony: A Tale of Love, Life and Death In No Particular Order
This week, Friday the 25th I’ll be at Diversity Comic Con at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC! I’ll be on a panel about webcomics at 2pm! Don’t miss it!
@Brother Parvus: Only with slightly more murder!
@Brother Parvus: You're literally the only person to notice that he rides side saddle! It's because of his robes :)
There's more than one horrible monster on this page.
@Brother Parvus: Thank you ^__^
I'll bet you thought she wasn't going to get any candy.
There’s just TWENTY THREE hours left for the chapter 2 kickstarter campaign! Check it out here: vel
There’s only THREE days left for the Chapter 2 kickstarter! We’re in the home stretch! There’s still $598 left to hit the extra content stretch goal! Can we do it folks?? vel
There is just ONE WEEK left to support the Sacrimony Kickstarter campaign! It’s all about hitting those stretch goals now! We’ve already got fat pigeons and there’s $646 to go to hit the extra content goal which includes a mini-encyclopedia, character bios and concept art, making chapter 2 a meaty 160 page book.

As mentioned, you can get chapters 1 and 2 in printed book form plus stickers, t-shirts and other fun stuff. In addition, as we’re counting down until the end days, I’ll be doing a giveaway to backers who picked physical rewards every day! Check it out here: vel
There's just eleven days left for the kickstarter for chapter 2! I'm happy to be 100% funded thus far and even reach the first stretch goal but wouldn't the book be even better with a mini-encyclopedia in the back!? Y/Y? vel
We’re in the last two weeks of the Chapter 2 kickstarter campaign! I’ve still got a lot of stretch goals ahead, such as a mini-encyclopedia in the back of the book and this fat pigeon sticker! If you’ve enjoyed the comic thus far and want to help keep it going, check out the campaign here: vel

I’ll always keep saying this, but because of the fact that the story is non-linear and switches back and forth a lot, it works best in print format. And the art looks SO GOOD on that high quality glossy paper. Reading it online really is a disservice to the whole thing.

In addition, it’s not just about raising money and supporting your favorite creator (aka: me) but it’s about trying to get more books out and make people aware of this story that I’ve been working so hard on for the past nearly three years! If you can help spread the word, I’d greatly appreciate it!
I’m back from Small Press Expo and tired af but here’s today’s comic!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Sacrimony shirts as a kickstarter reward, since a lot of people want them but can’t afford to back at the $90 level, so I decided to add more reward tiers! Check it out here: vel
As of now the kickstarter for chapter 2 is SOOOO close to being funded!

If you’ve enjoyed the comic thus far, please consider contributing. Every little bit helps, even if it’s $5. I do this comic entirely by myself, including the writing, editing, layouts, pencils, inks, colors, letters, marketing, website maintenance, etc… EVERYTHING. It’s a good 70 hours a week and it’s stressful af but I can’t see myself doing anything else with my life as I love making comics.

Also, I will add that Sacrimony reads at its best in print format. It’s the kind of story where it’s convenient to flip back and forth through pages, as you’ll end up noticing things you haven’t noticed before. Chapter 2 is going to be 130+ pages and chapter 1, which is 100 pages, is also available! c-novel
Don't forget to check out the kickstarter for chapter 2! I've got a lot of fabulous swag in store for backers! c-novel
The quest for candy continues…

Reminder: This week, September 4, the kickstarter for chapter 2 begins! Here’s the preview link once more. You can hit the “notify me on launch” button to know when it’s live asap~ 6
Khajad’s logic is flawless.

Reminder! Next week, September 4, the kickstarter campaign for a print copy of chapter 2 begins! It’ll be about 130 pages (or more depending on stretch goals) and if you’re worried about not having a printed copy of chapter 1, you can get it via kickstarter as well!
I mentioned earlier this month that I had a Kickstarter planned for chapter 2. Welp, chapter 2 will be coming to a close very soon and in honor of Kickstarter sponsoring Small Press Expo (which I’ll be a part of this year), the chapter 2 kickstarter will be happening on September 4! Here’s a preview of what’s to come! 7e4c6

If you’re interested, mash that “Notify me on launch” button! If you haven’t gotten a copy of chapter 1, you can also get it through the Kickstarter campaign!
Either avert your eyes or get the popcorn