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I play/write music. Sometimes I draw, sometimes I write stories.
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@anabanana1802: Thanks lol, one of my favorite anime series, and Firo is best guy in that show.
Part of me wants to speculate as to what happens in the next few pages. The other part... is not available right now.
January 3rd, 2018
I sense love-making in their future, and I look forward to it.
@Twiztidpiksi: I'm fine with that lol
The next few pages will contain either fighting or fucking, and I'm fine with that.
Challenge accepted
@Nadishko: I'm glad you have power, finally. Happy for the update, happy to wait if it means that you're getting some real-world stability.
Kim is struggling to maintain that denial
Oh shit, it's about to go down.
I like the art style
I'm from North Carolina.

The most recent OTP-like pairing I've shipped would be Viktor and Yuri from Yuri!!! on Ice.

Here are my casting choices, taken way too seriously because I have no life;

Kylee - Miles Heizer
Kimrick - Alexander Ludwig
Wes - Henry Zaga
Rocko - Dalton E. Gray
@redmarielle: Firo is the man
Situations like this are the price you pay for dating a vampire. Seems like Dylan will be okay, though.
Part of me thinks that Wes is just a nice dude with a good sense of humor, but the part of me that reads comics like these says otherwise.
@Kumiko: Fair point, but he probably wouldn't know that, seeing as he'd never even considered doing this before Joa asked him to.
Dylan is super nervous, which is adorable, and feels accurate to his character. Joa, on the other hand, is clearly ready to jump the proverbial bones, which suits his character. Two thumbs up, looking forward to more.
Can't wait for the next page(s); the anticipation is killing me.