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Lark can dish it out but can't take it
I love this simple page mostly cause the last page's group shots tired me out haha
@Arcane Allusion: Thank you so much!
@deee45: Aww thank you so much!
Excited to see these two finally interacting again.

I really love chicken curry
Heyyy still open for commissions. I do DnD characters too!

or message me on tumblr or ig: artandmartini
I'm open for commissions btw pls help support us haha

Or you could show your support by buying me a coffee
@Arcane Allusion: We're excited to be back!
@WindowMaker: Oh we're trying out a new style for the new chapters. The main change is the brush we used. We switched to something more pencil-like for a sketchier feel.
Chapter 2!
Hello readers!
It's been a while and the reason is cause med school is real hard ;;;
Anyways, we are back and will be working on chapter 2! Thank you all for being patient!
Chic will be moving in with me in the next school year so we might have more time to do the comic together and updates might take less time but no promises.
Regarding if we'll upload this on tapas or webtoon, we might? I'm not sure since our comic isn't scroll down type but we'll see.

For now, have this lineup of the partly sunny cast!
@Sam: we're still thinking about that
@Guest: Yes this comic will continue
END OF CHAPTER 1 ! Thank you guys for reading and waiting for updates! We are currently working on the next chapter. We'll have a short break and after which, head back to posting!
We're so excited for the next chapter (there'll be drunk fun)
that guy looks familiar :0
@Arcane Allusion: eyy you know whats coming B) haha
@ObsidianWolf: aww thanks! :D
@XxKanashiYumexX: thank you so much :)
My favorite curry is Japanese curry and Filipino chicken curry
- martini

To clarify, phone was under his butt
- chic

*I accidentally posted this today instead of friday, oh well early update for you all lmao-martini*