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Hello! Mai name is Rin. Or Light, I guess.
I’m a hyper ball of purplish pink energy. I am optimistic and do weird things in my life, such as binge watch what people would consider “cringe” on Youtube.
I LOVE DRAWING. Like that’s the wholereasonIjoinedSJ. I like drawing animals an stuffs, like Pokemon, Eeveelutions, cats, wolves, dragons, birbs, birb cats, and other. But not humans-I suck at humans.
I have like a tiny amount of frens IRL (I’m so edgy) so I’m rlly glad I found a bunch of frens here on SJ who share my interests and dun care if I’m grammatically incorrect.
I have sum comics.
My main comic is Aura of Light. It’s about a main? character who is neither the protag nor the antag. It’s about pokemon of course ahaha. It’s actually sorta good so pls read and favorite it pls pls
I have a art STORAGE where I will probably put OC memes and other random art there.
I have a collab with ShadowStalker1128, a PMD collab. It’s called Souls Intertwined.
SEE YA LATERS -runs away-

U still here rite I’m lonely

Imma go derp now bai
@WiispNightmare: much much triggered because you are tirggered and no matter how much triggering you have I shall be as triggered as you XDDD
@WiispNightmare: extreme triggering of everything everywhere everytime everyday
@ShadowStalker1128: yes very much is it that obvious XDDD
@ShadowStalker1128: Lol people can just ask like "what's your favorite color" and not any plot stuff of course XDD
Ah, I see some grammar stuff here, but I'm honestly not sure whether they are intentional or not >~<

But one of them, the Darkrai, i thik it should be "do you think you know all the facts?"
@ShadowStalker1128: You should make an ask blog for LoS when 200 happens lool
Poor Mrs. Tess XDD
Oml I can't even XDD and Lyre lool
@WildfireK: I stared for a long time at the In Silence Stylesheet, that's how XDDD
Ack Silver the description and everything about this is so exciting! Good job!

I fixed it haha yey
@WildfireK: six hundred something by nine hundred something

I'll just resize it to 750 by 1000 and make it look good XDD
@WildfireK: 600 x 800
@ShadowStalker1128: I didn't resize it at all rip