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November 16th, 2017
Gee thanks
Do you really have to be a bitch tho?
No no no no no no no! YD has to become bird mom she has to!
Dear Christ peridot!
NOOOOO! Smol space Dorito is sad. She controls my feelings!
Oh sure ya did! You just wanted peridot to be with Steven so you can take care of him. I CAN SEE THROUGH YOUR CRACKS BECAUSE YOU OLD MY DOOD!
Well then just straight up then huh?
Peridot sister save me!
I'm sorry but has anyone noticed amazonite sounds like Amazon?
@Nekomata69: ayyyyyyyyyy
@RealityUnhinged: there has to be a awkward panel in every comic. It's the rules.
I am still waiting until Steven says the f word!
"SWEET HONEY ICE TEA YOU ARE QUIET" peridot's lasts words
HEY IT'S ME All the time.... I have problems.
Does he have Doritos in his bubble?
Sarcastic clapping
And you just broke his heart
Look at that annoyed look on Steven.