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I love Steven Universe (if you couldn't tell), Gravity Falls, Avatar the last airbender and The legend of Korra and most of the old cartoons like Ed Edd n Eddy, Fosters for Imaginary friends etc. I am also a bit obsessed with canines, domestic dogs specifically. I enjoy adventure and fantasy genres for pretty much anything, shows, movies, books you name it. Well, that's it for now. Thanks for reading and shoot me a PM if you want to talk. I don't bite!
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Ugh, I totally understand all the family stuff. I have to visit my grandma tomorrow who does nothing but criticize me and my family for not fitting her ideals and criticizing my sister for what she wants to study in the future because it "won't make her money" its truly exhausting.
Also happy early birthday!
Hmm, I wonder if the victim is stuck in limbo, forever reliving his death.
Atty's face looks like he just snapped. xD
I like to think that Articus speaks with a very heavy and bad french accent.
I'm just anxiously waiting for the dead body to twitch like you do in the movies and the music becomes more and more intense.
wait.... there are worse things you can do besides stealing candy from a baby?
Quick Sullivan cover the baby's eyes! He's not ready for the scary stuff yet!
the Rattata looks like master splinter from ninja turtles.
oooh are we going old time criminal minds up in here?
the person in the back looks amused. while the other one is like what is this sorcery!
@ZeeDelgado: yes we shall rule the world.
the timing was just about perfect. My birthday is tomorrow! happy early birthday to the both of us!
nnoooooo baby Sullivan.
hmmm, must be strange for a necromancer to deal with a heart beat...
@YukixKaname1: opps I meant he WAS thinking with the wrong head. haha
@YukixKaname1: he wasn't thinking with the wrong head c;
January 11th, 2018
@Lara: if I remember correctly Nia's mother gave her up because she was afarid of the powers her daughter possessed, other humans were disapproving and knew nia would not have a good life in the human world knowing she would be discriminated against. Thus why her mother gave her up to lajos. If I'm wrong sorry this is based off memory and I'm to lazy to go back and look.
Toby!!! You're alive, Chris is going to be soooo happy (or angry for not telling her you're alive). yay!!?
awww Raz looks so giddy hiding behind the pillow like that.
I don't think I have ever told myself to think about math.