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Eat food! IT IT YOU FOOL!
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    Jeffrey Kikky
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btw, it's KevGamer on DA and Turbosoaker41 on youtube. formerly Supersoaker41.
that is true. I used to like this show, but then I stopped watching, then I could care less about it, the fanbase ruined it for me, and now I can care less about it. it is rather boring in deed.
why do you remind of Spax 3 in that picture?
oh, Coin the hedgehog, you don't have any parents!

(Octocat, ftw.)
the art reminds me of Ranma 1/2 and I love the guy's expression in the 3rd panel.
2D Sonic games are still fun, how....oh! and Sonic furries better not come here and start posting butt hurt crap >_<
The Wii is kinda like an exersize machine more than a game machine nowadays.
very yotam perel-ish.
I'm not reading this anymore.
I have never played this game, but I'll learn how the story goes...
okay, this comic is bad and stop calling everyone who hates it a nerd.
leave Kazuuu alone, please. he's giving you advice.
oh, god I think you need help.
in fact, let me give you some pointers:

1.don't make a sonic comic. sonic is old and done with.

2. don't save to JPEG. save it to PNG

3. if you're going to give dilouge, write it in microsoft word, then, fix any at all spelling or gramaticical errors along the way, then, once your're done, copy and paste that into MS paint using the text tool.

4. don't. use. recolors. I can't stress that enough. learn to costumize.

5. never use bright colors. this goes without saying.

6. if you're going to make a war story, write it, don't just make it up as you go along. do these comics have scripts?

7. if your're going to draw something, specifically blood, shade it, or if it IS blood, not party streamers, make it thicker.
well, I thought you could suck more, coinfed, but you managed to put in backgrounds and still make the spelling crap.
stop making this comic, please! cutething should make a "law" about making crappy comics.
this is a bad idea.
stop making this, please!
oooop! spelling error!