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I'm Jay and I like reading gay stories/web comics. I'm not really a big fan of yaoi because most yaoi involves abusive relationships and promotes a unhealthy seme/uke stereotype. I just like reading about epic fantasies with gay characters. Representation is extremely important to me. One of the other reasons I dislike yaoi is that it is oversexualizes gay men and their relationships while also treating female characters as the "enemy" for a gay relationship. It's just gross and I really don't like my relationship with other men being over sexualized.
I enjoy writing but I can't draw for shit.
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He is soooooo wasted rn. also im super gay for wes
I'd like to know more information about the supernatural being. I know it'll be a lot to introduce us to each one, but i'm super curious to know a couple.
Not a lot of people commenting. Love your style and excited for the story to come. Good exposition so far showing whats going :3
Really like this
I just found this and am really enjoying it. I spent the last day reading through it. I love watching Liv mature and develope his character. I also love watching your art get better as the comic goes on. I appreciate you censoring the sex scenes because I'm not a big sexual person either. I'm excited now to see what comes next. :)