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Tbh my first thought was the song Candy Shop by 50 Cent, but I still laughed at the caption. :-)
@JKHoganBooks: Plot twist: Wes is gonna pick Dylan or Charlie XD
@Dancing Brony: This is a perfect example of a comment I want to like. What th* fuck Smack Jeeves?
@Quadrant: I feel like this is going one of three ways. Kim and Kylee kiss in the club, at home, or Kylee kisses Wes and Kim gets all emo again. Either way some bois are gonna smooch and I am ready af.
Dylan and Charlie are like "boi if u don't"
August 13th, 2017
Haha nothing is ever happy or good or not painful here. This is hell. Welcome friends!!
Not gonna lie I reread the prologue and thought what if this is from Sooch's POV and it's about platonic love, but that's probably not it. Anyway please tell me that there'll be a happy ending I really need it
@lunabob: I use "a gay" in a strictly ironic sense. "My sister is a gay."
@Quadrant: Sometimes I refer to myself as "queer" to say "I'm not straight and that's all you really need to know." but with few exceptions I completely agree that it's kinda uncomfortable to be called queer by a non-lgbt person.
A)Kim's face in the 1st panel: "HOE DON'T DO IT" Kim's face in the 4th panel: "OH MY GOD"
B) Wes in every panel: "wAiT tHe GaYs ArE rEaL??? i ThOuGhT tHeY wErE a MyTh!!!!"
@Quadrant: I know right! The way he said it and the way his face looked i was like "uuuuugh...yikes" Omg he better not out Kimrick, but I feel like that's definitely what's about to happen
August 10th, 2017
I grew back my arms so I could eat them again in this moment.
me rn: https://m.popkey.co/9af5a9/yYdXx.gif
He's gonna say "I'm sorry for not realizing that I liked you sooner" right? RIGHT? PLS MY HEART CAN'T TAKE THIS
@RedMari I wish I could like some of the comments on this comic. They absolutely kill me! I also wish I could rate the pages because I really love your art style. 5 stars, my dude!
A) Kylee is gonna lie and say "yes"
B) Kimrick is gonna lie and say "yes"
C) Kylee will tell the truth
Take your bets now!!
Good for you Scott
Y u blue ballin' us like this, my man?
firmly #TeamReuben but Scott has good moments where he has my respect and support.