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That's very sweet. I'll see what I can do
But are you ultimately going to find that fulfilling?
By the way, I really really recommend Douglas Hofstadter's book "Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid."
It's one of the hardest (and longest) books I've ever read, but HUGELY rewarding.
Read it.
36 comics before a [spelling] mistake? Not bad!
Oh well, nobody's prefect.. ;)
I'll try my best to clarify:
He means that if God commands something because it is good, then it is independent of him and he is in effect the middle man and can be cut out.
Of course, if you believe in God as our creator then he still has a role to play there; just not in ethics.
Scepticism? Skepticism?
Different words for the same thing. I'm sticking with the british for now.
Wow, I never knew that.
As always, you have impressed me with a good, well-put argument.
All that matters is that you provided me with some inspiration!

Thanks for the continued support.
Just like economics.
Sort of philosophy I suppose.
"The philosophy of money" ?
I like it.
The shark in this comic has EVOLVED beyond the need of a lower half.

The green haired woman was made that way by God
This is taken from Gasking's proof, a kind of parody in response to the Ontological Argument.
See for an interesting read.
I love how this is the only philosophy whose truth depends on you not being on fire.
Foiled at last.
Original material coming yo' way!!!
You're right, it's not exactly him but I find the likeness cool regardless.
And Dinosaur Comics was my #1 inspiration for this whole thing...
I like how T-Rex ( has made an appearance here.
He's even made himself a cup of tea. Aww.
This is currently happening to me!
For clarification, being 'pooled' means the Cambridge college I applied to (King's) rejected me, but the other University colleges get to take a look at my application.
Fingers crossed...
Such a situation is just begging for the creation of a comic in itself. I'll get on the case.