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Hello, everyone my name is Danita Sibert (BetaoftheBass), me and my sister (QueenPen) together are Cy-Comix. We are passionate artists that loves to create stories and share them with others. We are trying to live out our dreams of making comic book series along with wonderful characters for other people to relate to as well as ourselves.
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HEEEEYYY!!! Everyone!
thank you so very much for reading through ch,. 13
Maximum Chaos will be on a short hiatus, so there will be no update the week after next.
I'll leave an update about it returning soon thank you guys for being so understanding!
Well that was a disaster...
in the meantime, thank everyone, this marks the end of Ch. 12!!!
thank you so much for reading and I'll see you all when Ch. 13 is uploaded on 2 weeks!!!
thank you all so much for e=reading Maximum Chaos!!!
chapter 12 will updated in 1 week, see you all then! <3 <3 <3
this marks the end of chapter 10!
thank you all so much for reading until next week, on Feb. 26th for chapter 11!!! ^_^
Sorry for the delay, some personal things has came up and i was meant to update on Monday i apologize the rest will continue on this schedule ^_^
Thanks again everyone, you taking time out of your day to read helps fuel and motivates us to keep on making more chapters and content!!
thank you for this Maximum Chaos will update next week on Wednesday!
see you all til then and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! ^_^
Chapter 9 of maximum Chaos is HERE!!!!
in this we switch perspective, the introduction is over and things seem to be shaking up
in the District 3 of Famousland, i wonder what's up?!!!
Hey, everyone!
chapter 8 is ready to be upload on its timely schedule, Marc and April understand the importance of LOVE
will it keep them together or will it tear them apart from outside interference.
thanks you guys for reading Maximum Chaos chapter 7!
we work very hard to make this story into a reality, and we're just so happy to be getting a chance to work
on something that we created for your enjoyment!
sorry this episode is kind of behind, but here it is, I'm so so sooooooooooo sorry, thanks everyone for being very supportive to the comic so far!
hello everyone and thanks for reading Maximum Chaos, this chapter is about the close connection Marc has with his and April's lovely family, you'll witness how they over come their differences and mended as a family!
Thank you all who has been reading Maximum Chaos, it really means the world to us! we always appreciate comments, critiques and likes.
This is the end of the chapter and maximum chaos will pick back up next week! XOXO
@TurboTuro: in this case everyone!!!! haha
Maximum Chaos will be on a three day (M,W,F) schedule at 1:00 from now one, sorry if the whole daily uploads was a bit overkill. hehe :)
sorry for the delay with the ch. 4 everyone i lost track of my uploads. i do apologize about that, this chapter will update on Sunday but my schedule will soon turn into a three day upload (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) from chapter 5 onward.

Thank you all for being so patient and thanks for the support!
comments/feedback are always appreciated!
Next chapter of Maximum Chaos will update next week! :)
thank you all SO MUCH for reading!!! XOXO
it seems that someone's a little thirsty XD. come one Kimrick help s boy out, haha!
@princess_lom: oh wow thank you so very much!!! much appreciated!