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I love making cartoon characters, playing games and hanging out with my friends
C.Gor, one of the workers at the pawn shop.
Don't Touch the Doll
Warning bad pun
this next issue sure is Jaw dropping....I'll see myself out.
Enter Gunnolf
Meet Mr. Gunnolf, the land lord. He's not to happy to see Xylo and Widow
Uh Oh
Looks like the Diptera Force is going to get in trouble
Clops doesn't like puns
Sorry for being a bit late uploading today, work is about to start soon and they needed me in the morning.
The Beginning of Story 2
It's now time for story 2, things are going to look a bit different than story 1 where it's going to look more like a comic than a single panel. New characters will be introduced as well such as this eyeball, Clops. New pages will be up each week so stay tuned.
end of epilogue
this is the end of the epilogue of story 1, keep an eye out next week for the first page of story 2
End of Story 1
So we end the first story of From the Bell Tolls. I hope you're enjoying this series. but for now, I will be taking a break on uploading my comic while I work on a few things:

1) there will be a short Epilogue of Leech, M.Gor and the Diptera Force, After that Story 2 will be in process
2) I'm going to be planing a special event that you, the viewers, can participate in, stick around for more information next week on the forms

Once again, thank you readers for your support
July 1st, 2017
Feeed the kitty XP