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webcomics and villians, mostly.
i'm a long time reader and i just wanna say that i love this comic, man. it's just good. it's messy, and yet so simple, and it's so charming, and it's just great. i apologize for not leaving comments all the time but i genuinely enjoy this story. and howie was my baby, and now sooch is just as much my son and love seeing them learn and just go through it yknow? thanks for all your hard work! i appreciate it lots.
i'm confused... help?
so, kylee DIDN'T leave to his own room earlier that night? he did sleep in kim's bed after they got off? i'm confused as to where the dream started earlier that night...
February 14th, 2019
THE #1 fan
make it. around his dick. (im kidding lmao but smart!!)
#1 fan
i love those couches >:U but also sunny's dad... daddy ♡
#1 fan
can confirm; that's what a lesbian would say
#1 fan
#1 fan
sunny lookin CUTE AF

also maybe the characters as different avengers OR personality swap
#1 fan
nikita's eyebrows are my soul animal
#1 fan
wow... the art here... BEAUTIFUL... the swag.. the yolo... the gay...
#1 fan
needless to say, karma better be a fecking bitch
#1 fan
four bros, chillin' playin' chickeen, no feet apart cause they're all gay
consider this
rafael x marcus !!!!
rafael's official name is "daddy raffa" pass it on
i honestly missed howie
@Hawkflame: um jude is "straight" he is "very into" bobbies
Why Do We Know People Actually Like This
thank you author-sama for this blessing.

(also stupid jude, what a feckin' push over. someone shove him.)
February 26th, 2018
heh heh heh. i love content.
February 18th, 2018
heh. what is he, gay? (haha)