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I'll wriet this latter...
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Mel, why you so distant? -sad face-
Am I the only one that spotted the Penis? No? Just kinda randomly there lol
I'll check this out~ Moe is always fun x3
@Censor: hmmmm I want to see him kill her... but not because I think she's some horrible bitch... but just because I like a good, gory, twisted story. I really think what she did was just human, and if Lucky was my friend, I would take him out and tell him to get over it. No need for revenge yo.

But for this story and its setting, I just want to see more twisted fun.
@Mechanicalpenguin: Like I said to RoosterSamurai, that is the point of shipping~ Reality? They hate eachother... fantasy? The whole hate thing makes wonderful love~
@RoosterSamurai: This is the whole point of shipping ^.~
I'm totally shipping Baine and Shiro.... <3 Who will sail away with me? hehehe~
Shiro is still sexiest... -fangirls-


@Mechanicalpenguin: I'm weird like that ^///^
I actually like Shiro... but I tend to like the assholes... and to be truthful, I kinda wanna see more of him >3> ... ... P.S. He's sexy~
My guess... Oliver just strung up some cops >.>;

Can't wait for more x3
Team Shizu
I'm team Shizu, because if you go back and read... I believe he's the one that asked Naoto to 'marry' him in the first place >3> ♥ ♥ ♥
December 10th, 2011
I use SJ to know when you update~
wow peps, give hoshi a chance x3 he probably just needs to get a little off his chest... once he sees those tears streaming down Kyandi's eyes, you know he wont be able to resist >3<
OMG! Plz oh plz come back!

I will give you my kidney?!?! 83
I think someone is going to get raped by a crazy thing >.>
*giggles* ah... I love it...

*happily understands the evil of Gary Oak*
Yay! Your back!

I don't mind if you take your time~
It looks like its going to be awesome!
You are evil! >////<

leaving us off like that?!

So cuuuuuute >3<
I think I love Hotaru even more because of this chapter <3 He's a big meany on the outside but on the inside he's so very lost... I want to see where you go with him! What the ending might be like! Will it be happy? Or will it be sad? I would like to see a happy ending... but a sad ending would fit the story so much better! and I think it would have so much more emotion to it -nods-. Or you can do that whole sad yet happy ending thing~ that would work too. But yeah I just can't wait! I love TD so much! And when you do get that book made, I'll be one of the first to snag one ^.~ That's a promise!

-hugs- Thank you for updating! I can't wait till next time~

P.S. Hehe, Don't get me wrong~ I don't want to see it end anytime soon! Its one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't, things... Cus I want to see how their story ends... but at the same time I want it to go on forever! x3 heh