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My name is Nick, nice to meet you! I am an avid gamer, a dedicated father and husband, and artist (as well as martial artist). I love video games, anime, comics, movies, martial arts, hiking, and spending time with my family.

I am an up-and-coming comic artist. I have drawn since a young age, but I gave up on my dream of making my own web comic for years. A year ago, a friend of mine and I got together and began writing "Master Sensei and the Dojo of Doom". Now, I upload weekly on Mondays, and have been trying to pursue my dream once again.

I'm generally a busy guy. I work full-time, train in Tae Kwon Do (Second Degree Recommended at this time), am a father, and try to keep my comic updated among other projects. I also spend time playing Final Fantasy XIV, as I help run a Free Company on the Hyperion server.
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    Nick Baer
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@IndiraJ: Damn she's having a real bad day.
Awwwww, I love it!
@IndiraJ: Look, I'm not gonna say it isn't, BUT...
Well, better to have a shrine dedicated to you then to walk into a torture chamber...?
Things never seem to get better, do they?
Damn it. Guilty as charged.
Pious little assholes.
Oh man she's been there a while
D'awwwww, she let 'em go!
Man, your backgrounds and landscapes are unbelievably gorgeous.
This is my life.
That lower-left panel is freaking fire. I love it.
@IndiraJ: It's funny how these things come up, but it wasn't until I was an adult that I realized parents are just people. They make good decisions and questionable decisions. I always viewed my parents as these paragons, because they raised me. But once I hit adulthood and realized "Oh man they had to deal with all of this shit WHILE raising my sorry ass" I got a newfound respect and understanding for them.
@IndiraJ: That's why I like her. She isn't just some inherently "perfect" parent, she's just doing what she thinks is best regardless of what we think.
Yeah that would be a hell of a talk.
C'mon, lady, it's time for the serious "talk".
@IndiraJ: I feel like that's really the trick. Exposition can be awesome if the scene is built right and now just some dude sitting in a chair in some dark room babbling. I like how this is done.
Damn the lighting in this page is good! Loving the lore dump!
@IndiraJ: Wow, 100?! Congrats! Still going strong! =) Loving the new pages!
Oh man, loving this depiction of the afterlife. So good!