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I'm here to read comics and post development sketches. I think being chattered at by my characters has a charm of it's own y'all might enjoy. I'm just figuring out how to "work at art" without getting blocked, so the productivity has been cool.

Fights are especially something I will be practicing. Love watching them! But I haven't invested in planning any out. I need strategical magic dynamics---That look cool! I can't be alone in the struggle, right?

About me: besides obsessing about developing my comic, I have a boyfriend, and a dog. I'm modogomous until after college. Totally finishing my bachelor's in the next two years. Technical Writing: cuz I'm also a NERD. I *was* studying Mechanical Engineering, but I liked hiking with my dog more than going to Office Hours and tutoring labs. I like to dye my hair crazy colors, bike to work so my butt looks good, and eat the best food I can afford. (So we cook a lot.)
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@blazethecat9: What is that even supposed to mean? The comic has a warning about content. Look around, you're safe. Talk it out with someone if you have to. Screeching online in caps lock is immature.
Maximizing scan bed. Sticky notes on the bottom are related.

Thing on the top was an idea I got right before falling asleep. Angry Boss Detects Thing, Comes in Guns Blazing expecting Top Hat man. It's got a good soul! But wow chaos. Seems to operate in a zig-zag from Right to Left.
Not sure what top bro was going on about with desires and gods. An obsolete idea.

But static lines in the big demon-shade's field is pretty cool. I was at work in a food service lull, but got rushed away.
I was trying to make a plan of attack for studying and home responsibilities on the back of a print out. Ideas were louder.

Incidentally, I seem to draw best when it's somewhere art doesn't belong/I should be doing anything else. (Look at that surprised face! It actually looks like the character in my head, even. If I could do that sort of thing on demand, I'd be in business.) It's probably due to less pressure on myself to make the picture look good.

What's a panel? This thing seems to go from right to left, top-to bottom in a U-shape.

I swear to god I know that reading directions and panels exist, I'm just SO bad at staying inside a space when I'm sketching. That's what computers are for! Right?
Sorry for my neglect with posting brainstorming. Awriter contacted me about drawing for Your Survivor's Dirty Almanac, so I have been focused on carving out some practical and organized communication for them, as well as concerted efforts on scripting the first chapter. Yay!

I found some things in line with this "comic"'s theme while I was going through old notes.

Here I was playing with the idea of soul amoeba tendrils on the neck. Vs full blown jelly fish tentacles coming out of the shoulder blades or lower back. (And this was before I knew Tokyo Ghoul existed magnificently.) Ideally would be hidden under hair if permanent. Might only be a using-magic or very-famished occurrence. Similar to a fox hiding it's tail poorly.
Forgot about it until I scanned this to update my profile picture. It's a fun detail that makes the character design a little intriguing at a glance. Maybe I'll keep it.
@MipMipDead: ah, sorry. I was binge reading the comic late. I figured they were the same person, but should have just said so.
@MipMipDead: But in the recent flash back, it was the same mask.
I really hope there was a point-a POINT-that Rumple went from mentor/best friend of child to "Heyyyyyyyyyy~."
Sarcastic hand wiggle. haha. If neither really want the hug, is consensual through sympathy?
@Ian Evans: Thank you! I spent a lot of time on it, since it was both new software and a rusty skill.
I hadn't thought the bird was too transparent, but now I agree that the girl's outline can stand to be blurred more in favor of clarity between the two.
haha, yeah. I'd made a small red shadow, but I guess it needs a much larger black one to not look so odd.
That red font is jarring, and doesn't really hold it's own, imo. I've scrapped that title, as well. :P

I was displeased and frustrated with the character and that little alchemy-looking thing together, but I was quite pleased with it on it's own, and couldn't think of what would be better... at the time!

I stopped coloring in 6th grade... so, ya know, it's not great but I was still very proud. Lots of subtle red reflections were lost under the thick outline though, heh.

I did this in Manga Studio 4. I have high hopes for their fancy pens and various effects. Because that "ghostly bird" could NEVER have been done with a pencil! Not by myself at least.
@Ian Evans: *looks up vaporwave*
@Ian Evans: I will make the real comic greyscale digital, this stuff will have it mixed in sometimes. I'm on vacation at the moment, but once home I will play with the last sketches uploaded and Manga Studio for effects. (I'm still pretty low on the learning curve for the software, but I *think* it will be more mature than Affinity Photo Editor, which would be my second choice.)
MysteriousFeels.exe has crashed.
inner voice
For some reason, I'm reading this in Starfire's voice from Teen Titans. ^^
@Ian Evans: I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Already I've noticed the challenge in having pacing that reflects the necessity for quick reactions--yet how do you make sure the reader knows what effect a spell is going to have, or the like? I think of Fairy Tail or Inuyasha etc always having a commentator character. Maybe I'd need to start the comic with that then try to phase it out. Such as a magic dual club or the like.
@Ian Evans: Thank you very much! ^^ I'm gonna admit, when I saw someone actually commented on a page I was terrified. I appreciate your kindness!

I was glad that I drew the head large enough to have decent eye detail. I think a photo editor could help me get the idea that it is sucking air/darkness out of her more fluidly.
I started to have fun at the end of this.
My scan bed is like 1/4 of an inch too small. Decided that for such a rough sketch, scanning three times and stitching it together isn't a priority.