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Hi i'm Sophie, love reading manga, watching anime, being social with my mates, drawing, writing, dancing

My icon was drawn by the wonderful Yolin, the characters depicted are Avarin and Gilles from her comic '9 Chances for Love (9 Lifes)' which you can find at
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    Sophie Buchanan
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has the fact that he might not see them as much not occurred to Johnny.. that song is SO rick, i hope the last lyrics in the song come true for him and danny :)

on another note, yay you're back *epicglomp*
pretty colours *stare* love the detail of Cairo's piercing bleeding and his eye looks amazing in panel 2

omgosh will he actually leave 0_0
Interests, which other characters they like/hate.. love this comic *goes back to lurking*
you updated like you said you would!! much loves, was good to see you ^_^

love the page, 'little miss emo-pants' *gigglesnort* ruby's so blonde :3
Panel 2 is utterly scrumptious *drool*

oooo i'm intrigued as to what Dominick's bad experience was (nicky.. hehe)

baaaw i guess we have to wait a while longer before mansex..
Hi I live in England and I was wondering how to buy your book and how much it is :) love your comic!
Wow, Jack looks so wonderfully insane in panel 3 :3
are you going to be selling more after the pre-order?
sorry no suggestions, i suck at that sorta thing! laughed muchly at the no1 seller and employee of the week >_<
yay you're alive *happyspasm*
niiiiiiiiiiice pose, i thought it was that dude from rini's class..
hmm for some reason i really like zadel's profile in panel 5 :3
glad the scanner is working, looking forward to the action scene! hee hee she looks insane opening the door X3
yay cookies *munch* heh i love shasu's logic!!
lol what's a tramp stamp??

For some indefinable reason i really like Jordan in panel 3 and his little "what." in 2nd to last panel :P Morrigan's hair is teh sex
Would it be paid via Paypal, 'cause I live in England so would be tricky to send money. My paycheck should clear around the 7th (hopefully) so would be able to commission you then?? PM me if this is ok, also with prices etc
@SuicideBoy- Noah's mistaken Truffles for a boy when she's really a girl

aww noes, hope Truffles cheers up soon, sad truffles=sad noah
Heh Zadel looks like he's enjoying his obedient 'Abel' in panel 2
Yes tickle him with that feather ¬_¬
Hehe it amuses me to see bad-ass Rini with tears in her eyes

Love the new banner btw!