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Hey!! I'm Nokiri!
Music, Coffee and video game lover.

Come check me out on instagram!: @n0kiri c:
Thanks for stopping by!♥
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Smackjeeves has been a wonderful and efficient host. I'm extremely grateful that I've had such a positive experience here, but I think it's time for me to try out new hosts and see what works best.
Thank you so so so much for all your support. It truly means the world to me! ♥♥

Here's the link to TOTP's Tapas page:

Thanks y'all,
- Nokiri
Just discovered this comic!! Your art is absolutely stunning...your landscapes are so beautiful and the coloring is on point!! Keep up the fantastic work, I'll definitely be reading this ♥

So far the characters introduced and their corresponding races are:
Roscoe (Beb),
Spikey (Dragon),
Panam (Lupanian),
Koji (Human),
Oliver (Human),
Sam & Robyn (Titans),
Thana (Demon)

Hope that helps! There will be lots more information about each race in future chapters.

- Nokiri

Thank you! It's pronounced "Noh-kee-ree." :)

- Nokiri
@Scarletlovey: A Beb is one of the many different alien races that will appear over the course of the comic, and they are very similar to humans. :)

- Nokiri
your art style is so cute!! i absolutely love how you draw backgrounds ♥
Maybe Koji needs to set his priorities straight.
@RainDebJoys: I know right? Koji can be really strange sometimes.

- Nokiri
Hey everyone! Fortunately, I had more time than expected, so I am able to post today's update! Sorry for any confusion.

- Nokiri
this looks amazing so far!! im really excited to see where it goes ♥

Since this is a season of generosity and giving, I wanted to thank all of you for YOUR generosity. Without you, TOTP wouldn't be around. This comic is my passion and my joy; thank you all for supporting it and reading it! This comic and its followers are always what push me to improve and work harder each and every time I work on The Order of The Prodigy.

This year has really been something special, because I started this comic back in February after a year of writing and drafting! Now, I am personally amazed by my own improvements in art and writing that have been growing since the start of 2017.
Whether you're at home with family, friends, or on your own, I hope you're having a great holiday.
You have all given me the greatest gift I could ever ask for: your time and attention.

Thank you all so much! Happy holidays, and Merry Christmas. :)

- Nokiri
Yes, like other demons, Thana can levitate.
Panam is a"Lupanian", a type of shapeshifting alien race. They can shift into a "wolf form", similarly to a werewolf.
Roscoe is a "Beb", another type of alien, they are very similar to humans with only a small amount physical differences.
(There will be more info on these aliens later on, as well!)

- Nokiri
Talk about a waste of time and resources, right? Those panties must truly be valuable, lol!

- nokiri

Pretty much! Lol.

Vacation is over! Here's last Tuesday's page.
Thank you so much! :D
- nokiri
Update: Starting from Chapter 2, there will be a drawn cover for each chapter!
- Nokiri

Of course! Thank you for your feedback. :)

Alright! Yes, Koji comes off as an interesting character. However, we are just beginning to see who Koji really is. This is just our first glimpse. There is certainly more to see about him in the following pages!
Unfortunately, I cannot spoil anything in the story, but I can assure you that we will learn more about Koji and who he is.

I hope I was of help.
- Nokiri