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Boyo??? 😭😭
July 20th, 2019
“You're 12 right?” All 4 of my grandma’s before i tell them in going into high school T-T
Honey i-
Cricket needs to shut the fuck up before i shove a bag of jellybeans up his ass
Yall the comic is a boys love story why are you surprised? Did you not read the tags? Tf
Sooch’s face- 😭
Just realized this comment might be confusing since they never moved beds even though howie’s drunk ass tried to lmao
I want to lay my head on a girls chest and fall asleep soundly. Im sleep deprived 😭
Why move the bed then my g 😩
This reminds me how single i am sksksks
Now keth
Fuxking tell us >:(
Dini beat his ass
Imma beat his ass
Bitch what the fuck
I shouldnt be laughing
This is one of those times where ive wanted more pages because of this suspense
Stay gold ponyboy. 🤧 stay gold
That curve tho