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Kylee, don't you dare keep this to yourself. The wrath of hundreds of fans will fall upon you if you do...
Gotta love the shoujo bubbles. I sense an interruption in the near future, though...
Your're dating an old man, Teal.
Drunk logic is the best logic.
...She must have started early.
Just finished catching up. I'm loving the story so far! Your art style is adorable--I'm interested to see what will come next.
Best cat toy ever.
Aww. Little Jura is adorable! The emotions in that last panel are real, man.
January 11th, 2019
Des, you gotta ASK before raiding a dude's closet. It's just polite.
January 11th, 2019
I least he's giving them some solid advice. Don't hold your pee, and for the love of god, CLEAN YOUR DICK.
Ah, Bleach. Brings back memories, man.
Onions...they are a suspicious vegetable, aren't they?
January 3rd, 2019
He learned from the best. :P
January 3rd, 2019
Well, good thing he isn't allowed online. Poor Mika would get all sorts of misinformation about sex 'n stuff on here...

...actually, now I really want to see how Mika would react to a porn site. I guess that would really cause problems for Anthony, huh? XD
This is great.
Best sleeping/passed out position ever.
Oh, this is gonna be good. >:D
January 1st, 2019
I saw the thumbnail, I screamed. Perfection.
Happy New Year!
Louis. Holy crap.

Daniel, go give your beau a hug before he short-circuits.
Oh dear. I think the image took New Year's Day off...
YES. Just...yes.
My only question: ropes or leather, Kenneth?