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Best Taco Truck ever
Ooh, cool power panel~
Achievement unlocked!
@Sleeepy: Just an innocent puppy-witch boy, nothing tricky going on here~
July 18th, 2019
Me gusta.
Wizard, you done goofed.
The puppy is back~
Aww. Poor spider. :(
Ooh, pretty.
Then don't go for the water-based stuff next time, dummy. xP
No, bad ghost. You put that down right now. >:(

Great job on that head, btw, especially the neck-gore. It looks very squishy. :D
This can't end well...
Oh god, that last panel. I'm having flashbacks to the weird side of the internet...
July 5th, 2019
Well, they seem nice. Nothing wrong here, folks.
I love how Kim's eyes are hidden again.
Suddenly pink hair~
Haha, trumph card!
July 2nd, 2019
@Truefan108: Yay! Always good to have someone to watch your back...and help out if you get infected.
July 2nd, 2019
@Truefan108: And then you can turn right around and dig a grave to keep the stink away. :)
Ragnok looks so done with the situation. XD