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No Mr. Demon Dude! Don't yank the arrow out! That's how you bleed out...just break it off as close as you can next time, 'kay? I mean, if you get the chance...
March 20th, 2018
Deadpool, nice. Reminds me to go an order that issue...
This is freakin' adorable. I love your artstyle. :D
So...cute... *melts*
March 16th, 2018
That last panel is glorious.
The Boxer Bandit strikes again.
Hmm...I wonder how Kim would rate Kylee's riding skills?

Also, I'd LOVE to see Kim's reaction to those two mentioning this conversation later. XD
March 15th, 2018
@YaoiGirl09: Okay, now I'm just sitting here wondering if demons can catch human illnesses... Guess my mind's stuck on Microbiology. Back to studying...
Actually, I like Cedric's hair. I know that exact style would probably look awful in real life, but it looks kinda cool on paper (screen?). Heck, my hair was pretty close to that a couple years back, just a lot more evenly cut. Man, I miss having longer hair...
Haha, don't worry, Caddy. Goldfish are actually pretty smart! Or, at least smarter than people think. Mine know my face, the cues for food, their names (I think)...

Then again, they also eat their own poop. And spit it up. Then eat it again. So...yeah. They're special. :)
Cuteness overload - achieved.
Kitty time. :D
Juli's face in the second panel -- so cute!
March 9th, 2018
No driving in the rain? Huh. That actually makes sense...

Speaking of the South, I can confirm that people 'round here go crazy when it rains. Not as crazy as the day after we get a half inch of snow, but apparently, folks aren't as aware of the dangers of flash flooding and wet roads as they are in the desert... So many stalled cars. Also, speeding. (-.- )
Yay! Our old friends have returned.
March 6th, 2018
I love the little marks (can't think of the word) showing that the teacher's mustache is moving as he talks. They just make me love him more. :D
Now that's dedication.
@Koren: I never said they were the same. Just that it was *similar.* By using your example, yes, a wolf and husky are fairly similar, enough so that, for someone not used to seeing them, they might appear the same. Of course, there is quite the difference between a lovable husky dog and a wolf running with its pack in the wilderness, but it is easy to see how someone might mistake one for the other in some situations. After all, huskies are often called "wolf-like" dogs. So, I think dulce de leche could be called "caramel-like," even when it is understood that the two are separate items entirely.