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Holy fuck. Literally.
Well, damn.
August 9th, 2019
How the hell do you pronounce that name in the last panel? XD (20 letters...damn.)
That is one beautiful fish.
Haha, the apartment dudes... I really want to see the buildup and aftermath of that scene.
Bandage babe~
I mean...
Fair enough?
The eyes are really pretty in that last panel.
Welp. Have fun explaining that one, boys.
...the fact that Scientist Dude doesn't know what an iceberg is is really sad. I wonder how long it will be until humans actually come to think of them as just legends?
...He's not wrong.
That hair is fabulous.
Seems like it'd get annoying, though.
Those smiles--so pure!!
Centipedes...I concur, little fae. You're screwed.
Oh, Len...
I must read that series.
Poor dude. Poor bugs. :(
And cue the Betty Hill theme song.
Best Taco Truck ever
Ooh, cool power panel~