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ZOMBIE CAT! Don't trust its cute, fluffy appearance!
Oh, I'm looking forward to this. Wonder what Mr. Longlegs there looks like? Any earthly species? Guess I'll see soon.
Looks like paradise to me!
(spider geek)
I want to see this Pond Serpent now. It sounds fun. XD
Pfft. I just noticed the flowers on his flip flops. I love it! XD
Second panel. Fourth panel, and sixth. Bach has the best expressions. XD

But, he really needs to think a bit more before distracting his driver...
Hmm... I'm counting that as being a 'maybe' to seal-ness.
@LotMinx: Ah, cool. Thanks for the clarification! :D

In regards to the rules... I'd probably just assume that the rules for certain things vary by geographical location. It seems to be true in real life for some paranormal phenomenon, so why not in comics?
@Guest: I'm just pretending she's an alligator gar-fishgirl. With green scales. And in saltwater.

At least those things are less of a stretch than a water-breathing alligator...
Probably not the smartest thing to do when you're god-knows-how-many feet in the air...

I'm a bit curious about something... Not sure if it's mentioned anywhere, but do Avibus and Saints' Quarter take place in the same universe? I've been assuming that they do 'cause, y'know, cryptids and all that, but I kinda wanted to confirm it before I went and made any crazy theories in my head. I love both comics and their lore, by the way. :D
Ah, Scotty. One of Kylee's old friends (with benefits), yes?

This should be fun.
Well, that explains the eyes, I guess. And his family's hair-antenna... That, or they all have a MAJOR case of cow-licks.
Surprisingly, I haven't done that either. Not that the thought hasn't crossed my mind, but I'm just too damn honest. But, I also don't use many subscription services, so...
That is the best ending banner in the history of ending banners.

I already miss this comic... Glad to have read it, though. Thanks for the ride!
Falafels are awesome, as is this comic. I'm not sure if I even know what's going on, but there are birds and gay dudes so I'm happy. :D
Haha, that's adorable. Isaac's a succulent lover, too! <3
May 15th, 2018
That last panel -- so cute!
Damn, those eyes. (.~.)
Oh my god, I love that cheeky parrot.
May 13th, 2018
Oh, Yin.