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Hmm, I've never heard Witches' Night called Hexennacht before. Cool!
Somehow, that term seems a bit more badass than Walpurgisnacht does...
How dare you! XD
He is a cinnamon bun and I love him.

No worries on the delay! We can wait. Take your time, don't rush. Rushing just leads to burnout and stress.
Pfft. I love how Papi and Suu have the same exact pose and everything, right down to their breasts.
So...cute... I MUST HUG HIM.
Damn this computer screen. :(
I love it!
Laying it on pretty thick, Sal. Just keep being cute--I'm sure he won't notice. :D
Those eyes are giving me Magical Girl Site-vibes...
Take your pick, Succubus Mama.
That hovertext tho
I think I like Edgelord.
Well. That could've gone better...
Well, hello there.
Magpies! Everything's better with magpies. :D
Yummy. :P
I love the expressions on this page.
Haha, I like the idea of demons sitting around and discussing how weird humans are.