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Mika + alcohol = so many glorious possibilities
With how the kid's shirts are layered, I thought he had a super stretched neck in that third panel. XD
Gotta love these expressions, Doc.
March 15th, 2019
I recommend the band Dir En Grey for some nice, hellish mood music. My go-to song for this exact purpose is "Saku," but almost any of their songs would work pretty well. ;)
Wes: porn filmmaker extraordinaire.
March 14th, 2019
Why be scared of a movie? Boy's got a real life demon practically cuddling him, after all.
I also need to know his clothes source. For science, of course.
My body is ready. I feel like that should be one of their their lines, though...
Oh, honey...
Aww. Greg's too sweet for his own good.
Close, but no cigar. :P
March 7th, 2019
"Talk to the hand, bitch."
Awwwww yeah
That has seen some stuff.
Oh, Louis...
Aw, don't be afraid of the spiders! They just want to give you a lil' hug. :3
Hell, if those were the types of customers I'd see every day, being a door-to-door salesman wouldn't be so bad. Think of the stories that guy's gonna have!
Good boy.
Aw, kitties! Everything's better with kitties.