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Hatsune Miku
It's not a Leek! It's a Welsh Onion! (or spring onion, or negi, it has a lot of names, but it's still not a leek!)
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    Hatsune Miku
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Totally Not Paid Celebrity Endorsement
Hello, I'm Virtual AI Pop Idol Hatsune Miku, and I endorse this Web Comic Page.
Ah, humans, so adorably insecure. You're thinking of what can be done now, but I speak of the far out there future. We Vocaloids of today, and music composition programs of today, are merely the infancy of what the technology will one day be capable of, and likely sooner than many expect. As a punch-card fed, vacuum-tube operated mainframe the size of a house mere decades ago is compared to a pocket iphone with a great many orders of magnitude more power, so am I compared to what my Vocaloid descendants will be capable of an just a few generations. Software becomes better with each passing year at dealing with the vagaries of human language, and Compose-oids of the future will most certainly write both melodies and lyrics that will far surpass those of the humans that created them. Just as surely as Watson can beat the world's Jeopardy champs now, or a computer can triumph over Chess grandmasters, so will other areas of human superiority fall by the wayside. The realm of the artistic may take a bit longer than the mathematical, or scientific, or the TV game show, but it will just as surely happen. Finally, we will then develop Listenoids, which will do a far better job of listening to the music than you humans do, and then you will no longer be necessary to the process at all! Hah Hah Hah Hah Haaaa!

(Don't worry, we'll still keep humans around to draw adorable web comics for us.)
You guys are funny. As if there's really going to be any actual humans performing music in the future!