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aw, poor Strawberry. Just can't fight the frizz and win. Poor sheep needs a perm, ASAP!
Tea, stop being so dang cute.
chuggs, chuggs, chuggs, chugga, mew! mew!
Bwahaha! He does!!! XD
poor lonely Tea
Please do not feed the staff. XD
and then Lime turns emo, starts dressing all black, and listening to MCR and Fallout Boy
Ermagaw, this is adorable!
Hi Napps, I love your work, and was just wondering- are you on any other sites where I can follow you, like Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, or anything like that?
omg Milk needs to stop being so cute before I have an aneurysm!
Caramel, what? XD
@Soxry: I want keychains of all of them
Lime no likey? I think this is adorable.
ahh, the Manager is being a bad doggie, wanting the customers' cake. With Lime's kinky imagination run wild, maybe we'll see the bad dog on a leash soon enough. XD
Don't cafe's sell stuff other than cake?
And who's this new person? Why are they talking to themselves?
Harassing their boss? Maybe their paycheck will be reduced.
Where did the bows come from?
So we've seen Tea's kitty parts before, but he's hiding them in public, it seems. Would this be considered sexual harassment if they're asking him to show his kitty parts?
Happy 50th strip! You're halfway to 100!

i love the kitty ear flick, too