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Don't cafe's sell stuff other than cake?
And who's this new person? Why are they talking to themselves?
Harassing their boss? Maybe their paycheck will be reduced.
Where did the bows come from?
So we've seen Tea's kitty parts before, but he's hiding them in public, it seems. Would this be considered sexual harassment if they're asking him to show his kitty parts?
Happy 50th strip! You're halfway to 100!

i love the kitty ear flick, too
@Scorpio730: hopefully he won't end up like Nina and Alexander from FMA
so Lime would be a Chimera?
@Scorpio730: I third that. Ican't think of a more adorable, enjoyable comic.
omg, Caramel's onesie! So cute! OwO
Aww, Coffee look so sad.
What are you hiding, Milky?
oh Milk, how do you even? XD
Hehe, Milk is such an adorable disaster!
I guess we know who wears the pants managing the cafe.
omg, Coffee's face is adorable!
who doesn't love the pets? Milk, why are you so cute?
Why is Caramel complaining? 4 coffees means more sales, which is better for business. Can't doggy do math?
poor Tea. Little creampuff Milk is so blunt.
'atta boy, Coffee!
I like that wolfie can read Milk so easily. And takes over carrying the tray. Good doggie!
How poor was Milk's mom that she had to raise her baby in an alley?! Poor baby!
Milk is such an adorable weirdo creampuff. Isn't he a cat? Why does he like the rain?